There are no shortcuts in life

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She is an only daughter, she is smart, she is among the best in grades, and she takes art courses. She is expected by teachers, and she is favored at home.
She doesn't have an elder brother or elder sister to warn her about what they've been through, and her teachers can only be teachers who don't intervene in her life as violently as they do in some movies. Her parents were conscientious, and they provided her to go to school in the expectation that she would do well in the exams and get married without worry about food and clothing.
She is a high school child, and the emotional world is blank.
In addition to the boring study, I often listen to my parents constantly nagging about money. In the turmoil of youth, I am slightly ambiguous with a silly boy. Day after day, I was told that as long as I continued like this, I could go to the institution of higher learning that countless people yearn for. Life is dull for a long time, and it gradually loses its sense of reality. Then, in a sudden heavy rain, he stopped the car for her and appeared as the most decent gentleman.
He is mature, elegant, and rich, and he will meet unexpectedly. Polite, not demanding, she will take the initiative to negotiate with her parents in order to take her out. He swept away all her worries and was loved by her parents. Take her in and out of auctions, dress her up like Hepburn, and go quietly to Paris. He respects her opinion and keeps her first...

For her, he is fatal because he is almost perfect relative to the world she has.
It's a pity, it's a pity, it's almost.
He has everything you want, even begging for marriage. Made a full set, so here it is. He's already that Mr & Mrs and he won't give up that title. He will just abandon you. Like it's been done to other girls before, no exceptions.
It was a game, she kept it in the dark and took it seriously. Really don't even want Cambridge, not even the future.

As a viewer, watching a film like "Growing Education" is depressing.
Knowing the ending from the beginning, and watching a beautiful girl destroy her future.
However, how natural it is. Almost all girls like this get caught. Because their environment is, to be precise, their parents, what society demands of women.
The advanced study of Cambridge University is not as good as that of a middle-aged man with more money.

No wonder they are now calling for their daughter to be rich.
But wealth is not just about money. Did she fall in love with him just because of the money? Their family was not so poor that they had to worry about food and clothing. She is not stupid, she also had conflicts between Cambridge and him, why did she choose him in the end. In the final analysis, it was because of the feeling he gave. The feeling of freedom, unrestrainedness, freshness, and respect, with a touch of sweet love. As if the life you want, the end is like this. Aren't we working hard now to live like this? of course. But the difference is that we are on our own.

The education of girls is not only about education with money, but how to view money and life is the theme. In this proposition, parents must first grasp themselves, and then tell her that a happy life should be created by their own hands, not by anyone who is killed halfway. Knowing this, work hard to overcome difficulties, smile hard when you are sad, update when you are boring, and try your best to enrich yourself on the road to happiness. People must have a strong heart in order to have a strong future.

Thanks to the director's kindness, she finally let her go back to school and walk into Cambridge.
If I had a daughter I would let her watch this movie and at the end of the movie let her remember the saying: There are no shortcuts in life.
I hope all people who have gone through this growth education really grow up.

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