"Growing Up Education" Film Review

Joannie 2022-04-21 09:01:56

After watching this film, I feel a sense of empathy. Also as a female student, I can understand what the protagonist has experienced. She was a girl who lost her footing in that era. In the end, she got up and became a famous reporter. What's so touching about this story is that it's so real, as if it could happen to anyone. It's just that I don't know if this happened to us, how many of us would be able to stand up like her and realize our dreams. Her life that was delayed for a year is the treasure of her life, which made her change from an ignorant girl to a woman who understands the impermanence of the world.
She is indeed smart, but in this materialistic society, luxury goods and the wonderful dream of Paris blinded her eyes. How can she get these? With her charm as a high school girl? Nothing comes without a price, and nothing comes in vain. Her price is deception, and the final truth is her punishment. A gratuitous punishment for her foolish vanity ignorance.
God is fair, giving and receiving are equal. This is the "growth education" that this film teaches us. No pains, no gains.

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  • Ibrahim 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    There are no shortcuts in life

  • Alvena 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    A story similar to the theme of "Mona Lisa's Smile" is told from the subjective perspective of a 16-year-old British girl. Although the whole film is somewhat unconventional, it is concise, smooth and moving. Whether it is the performance of the heroine, the supporting roles of stars, or the excellent photography and editing, it is pleasing to the eye. The regret is still that the presentation of the theme is superficial and mediocre, and there are small details in the plot that are not handled properly.

An Education quotes

  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.