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I have a friend who has excellent personal conditions: good looks, good temperament, a top student in a famous university, and is one of the few female executives in the company at a young age, but her personal problems have not been resolved for a long time. Recently, this friend was about to go abroad for further studies, but was blocked by his family, and even the boss of the company came forward to persuade him. For parents, all the hard work of a daughter is ultimately to marry a good family and live a good life. Now her daughter’s conditions are completely qualified, she should go all out to marry instead of further education; and the company’s boss’s sincerity also makes me a friend. Take a look at the essence of patriarchy: men are the end of women. Women have high looks, high education, and high positions just to get a higher level of life, and men are the pass.
Coincidentally, another female friend of mine recently got an MBA from a prestigious university, which was originally something to be proud of, but turned out to be a frequent joke of colleagues and friends around her. The reason for the incident has to be traced back from Miss Tian Pujun's further studies at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, and Mr. Wang Shi, a Chinese real estate tycoon. This once sensational event is not only entertaining, but also of great educational significance. For a time, the business school became a golden bridge for women. Business men, the shortcut door to the upper class. So, this friend of mine who should have been congratulated, heard the most: "I wish to become the second Tian Pujun in China", "The man's way is bright", etc. She didn't know how to deal with this sour blessing. .
Faced with these oddities (please allow me to use "weirdness" to describe the contempt of women's values ​​in the current society), I can't help but ask: what role do women play in society and what values ​​do they embody? Before starting the discussion, I would like to talk about an interesting movie I watched recently - "Growing Up Education". The protagonist of the story is a young, beautiful and talented girl. Under the nurturing of her parents, she has been working hard to think He was admitted to Oxford University and changed the living conditions of his parents in the middle and lower classes. However, the mysterious and rich old man who suddenly broke into his life not only bewitched the girl with his gorgeous life and seductive deception, but also bewitched the girl's parents. The girl is lost in front of the intoxicated fans and loses her ambition to pursue the ideal of Oxford; the parents of the girl are lost in front of the rich and powerful, forgetting the original intention of cultivating her daughter to become self-improvement and independence. But when the married identity of the mysterious man was exposed, all the lies were exposed, the fantasy collapsed instantly, and the girl lost the most precious youth, in exchange for a painful lesson in life.
This period of girls' growth education has made me see whether women choose to work hard or through men's confusion in the face of realizing social values, and it has also made me see the hypocrisy of parents who represent the social tradition of nurturing their daughters. A young girl has not yet entered the world and has no judgment. What about an adult? Recalling the golden and jade words of my friend, the boss of male power: "Women have high looks, high education, and high positions only to obtain a higher level of life, and men are the pass." This is not only subtly Explaining the ignorance of these parents' contradictory behaviors, it also confirms a common reality throughout the ages: women have almost no independent social value, and their value is often realized through their men.
But the most interesting part of the story of "Growth Education" is the personal experience of the author Lynn Barber. "Growth Education" is an experience of the author when he was young. The difference is that when Lynn Barber faced the same gorgeous temptation, he was willing to use it. Chastity in exchange for admission to high society. Some stories can't be written in movies, but in Lynn Barber's memoirs I saw her blunt words about this past: "I always knew what I wanted, so I was able to fight bravely and directly all the way." Lynn Barber's remarks reminded me of another well-known topical woman - Ms. Wendi Deng. In many people's eyes, Ms. Deng's fortune history is a shameful thing to rely on men to climb up by any means, but if you don't use moral values To evaluate, Ms. Deng can be regarded as a successful person (an ignorant girl in a remote mountain village, eventually became the wife of the global media tycoon Murdoch, and her career, wealth and status are all covered by her), she has what she needs to succeed Various elements: clear goals, determination, self-improvement. But these are not important. The world often sees Ms. Deng's scheming and unscrupulous means. It is no wonder that once the men's world is challenged by women, even foreigners who have always been open-minded cannot help but issue the warning of "be careful of Chinese women". said.
"When a man is successful, people will analyze his inner talents and qualities, and when a woman is successful, people will first ask: What support does she have?" This is the status quo of society's contempt for women's value, which is reflected in everything from social status to social division of labor. Such injustice. Yes, men and women are legally equal, but barriers still exist in common social concepts, including women's perceptions of themselves. Modern women are increasingly pursuing education, careers, and self-worth, but they are creating a more perfect self, whether they want to marry a golden aristocratic man and enter the upper class, or live with dignity to realize their own society. value? If the female companions don't know what they want, then please go to study well, at least in the future we can be qualified to choose our own life.

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  • Karlie 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    I've never seen such a rubbish British movie

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    ...see some comments saying "cherish life and stay away from married men"...the truth...

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