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Ally 2022-04-22 07:01:17

Hillary mentioned the glass ceiling in a speech and encouraged every American lady to work hard to break through this invisible barrier. She spoke with impassioned enthusiasm, which resonated with the majority of the female audience and ushered in bursts of applause. In fact, the status of women has become a long-standing social topic, and it has always been controversial, not only in the United States. At least this time, in the UK, there was such a statement.
Studying hard, getting good grades in exams, going to a prestigious school, having proper hobbies, of course, are just "appropriate" hobbies. At first I thought it was coming to China. It turns out that the problem of exam-oriented education exists in every country. The 16-year-old rebellious girl wanted to stick her head out to observe the world, but she pinned her best hopes on "speaking French and talking with friends who know a lot" after she went to college. She obediently took an A and fulfilled her parents' wishes. , is a normal thing. It was just a strange slut who jumped out of the air, disrupting her life and subverting her thoughts. At the end of the film, Janie has a little understanding of the reality of society, knowing that there are no shortcuts in life, and once again walking on the path that she believes is correct.
The end of the film is a little sloppy, but it also names the film: An Education. For Janie, it was an education, a lesson that would never be learned in school. From a good girl, an honor student to a rebel girl, this process is so fast. Janie once questioned education, especially women's education, "What can we do with a diploma (this sentence is translated well in China), we are still women", and pointed out the problems that have always existed in society. Although feminism has been around for so long and society has paid more and more attention to and inclusiveness of women, women still face many invisible obstacles. A female classmate next to me once told me that she worked so hard only because as a girl, she had to work harder. This is true whether it's looking for a job or whatever. It seems that invisibly, this truth has been instilled in women, and it has branded them with its own brand. In a male-dominated society, at least for now, achieving true gender equality may not be easy.
Another message heard these days may be more expressive. A college classmate has already put on a wedding dress and entered the palace of marriage. Isn't it a magical thing that classmates who used to sit in one classroom have stepped into another area of ​​life when we are still or have a headache at work or have nothing to do?
Then the question arises, what is education? Premier Wen talked about the issue of reading, saying that reading not only gives people knowledge and status, but also gives people a sense of security. If reading is generally equated with education here, the Prime Minister is right, but the problem is that in this society where everyone is becoming more and more realistic, education has become an investment. From an economic point of view, it is a different scene. That is to say, no matter how much money I put in, many years later, there will be output. A sense of security is one thing, whether or not you can afford to eat or even buy a house is another. You say you feel safe, fulfilled, and your parents are always thinking about real issues. Janie's parents are undoubtedly realistic. They were impatient when they saw the poor boy. When they heard that they were going on a Jewish excursion, their dissatisfaction came out immediately. In fact, this is very similar to meeting parents in China. Even if sometimes children simply want their parents to get to know each other, parents always look at the problem from a long-term perspective: the eyebrows in the heart are wrinkled, what is the family background, whether there is a room, the parents still. And when they meet David, who is handsome and has a lot of family affairs, they already have a small calculus in their hearts. So when Janie said they were getting engaged, they were not surprised and sold their daughter. Janie asked if I knew this was going to be the case, why did I go to Oxford, why didn't I go to the club directly, there is not more chance for a sugar daddy to meet a handsome guy. The words of my father are absolutely: because men don't like women who have no brains. The purpose is so clear: a woman is to find a good man, to find someone else to take care of her. Everything else serves this purpose. After leaving Oxford, you still have to find a good husband in the end. Since you have it now, and you may not know if it is a yellow-faced woman, it is naturally more realistic to get married now. Maybe they also vaguely know in their hearts that it is impossible for girls (women) to be truly independent.
Of course, it's not entirely impossible. We might think of Rice, of Hillary Clinton, of the most powerful woman in China. But at what cost? Rice, who has never been married, said he likes this kind of life; Hillary and Bill have had one strange marriage, and the Chinese one is similar. Everyone has their own way of living and their own preferences. This cannot be forced, nor is it easy to evaluate. But at least now we're seeing the reality that women who are too smart and too strong are often left alone. It's a real situation that men can't stand women who are too strong. And I am very assertive that this phenomenon is not unique to China.
After all, there are still a minority of women who want to live like Rice's, and most people will still go the traditional way. Perhaps this way, we are no longer surprised when we see actresses marrying big money. After all, life is. Even if the majority of female compatriots have increased their vigilance against strange scorpions, there are still strange succulents that appear in various forms, and at that time, what will the vigilance at this moment look like?

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  • Demetrius 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    Her attitudes and choices are based on whether the man is single or not. If he doesn't have a wife and children, then she will still think that not reading is the happiest choice. What this petty bourgeoisie wants is a superior and "emotional" material life. Just as her parents demanded of her, studying Oxford is only for the convenience of contacting "high-class people".

  • Vallie 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    Haven't any film critics ever been to oxford...why are they touting a moral sketch so beloved by Chinese parents...

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