Both Uncle Control and Lolicon hate disappointment!

Alex 2022-04-22 07:01:17

This morning, I was awakened again by the monstrous wind whizzing past the 16th floor. I almost collapsed and got up trying to pick a movie to watch.
I suddenly remembered that there was a recent subject that I hated, and it was a film with british accents from beginning to end. Although the name was a bit sloppy, thinking of Almodovar's bad education, I thought it should be okay.

A long time ago, I fantasized about watching a middle-aged man who is elegant, passionate, interesting and a little sad and a girl who is innocent but smart and a little bit amorous in a cold and romantic relationship. I think that for a little girl who is not deep in the world and has not even eaten the fireworks, she needs a very glamorous and powerful man to open the door of her life. The little loli in the movie also uses the word when referring to her uncle's boyfriend. But it's a pity, in my opinion, the male pig's feet in it is not attractive at all. The body is full of Lai Pu meat, the face of an old woman. He has the shrewd side of the Jewish people, but he is not literary at all, nor does he have any sense of vicissitudes, and even more does not have the fatalistic temperament of the Jews. . . . To sum up, it is a middle-aged man who wants to gain weight, is full of lies, has some money through speculation, has seen some markets, and is a (smelly) man who is always in the dark. . . In the end, it came out of his wife's mouth that it was not uncommon for this person to spend time with women, but I didn't expect that female middle school students would not let it go, and the taste was quite heavy. . . . If at first, you thought this man was more interesting, then after the truth came out, he suddenly became a deliberate liar. The reason for this change is not because of being a mistress or some kind of unethical love, but mainly because the previous relationship was too superficial, and going to a high-end bar to listen to French songs is literary. Going to the auction to buy a famous painting of the former Lafite school of painting has artistic temperament. Fuck it. . . . The most annoying thing is that France is always synonymous with free love (the British were really so conservative at that time?), and going to Paris is like a pilgrimage of love. . . .

The setting of female pig's feet also hates stereotypes. Judging people by their appearance, let’s talk about looks first. The heroine hates old-fashioned people. She is neither a refined type, nor a fairy type. She has a conservative family since childhood, strict supervision, read a little book, is eager to grow, and wants to see the outside world, but she is quite courageous. , and the middle-aged person can meet frankly after meeting a few times. But it's not necessarily true if you have ideas and aura (but it's enough to match that middle-aged man). To sum up, Yi comes from a family with ordinary economic conditions and wants to live a petty bourgeois life because no one pays the bill. As a result, of course, it was easy to be deceived by the middle-aged uncle. . .

In the end, she gave up the university entrance exam to prepare for marriage with a middle-aged man, and finally found out that the other party had a wife and children a long time ago, but she blamed her parents for following her and not stopping her from being deceived. . How could Yi be so embarrassed to say it, it ruined the little courage I had in praising her just now. Still that sentence, you can see how superficial the love story is!

In the end, the girl repeated a year and returned to the university in a hurry. So basically, it is a main theme film made by bbc to educate young girls to stay away from strange uncles.

The image of the middle-aged uncle I have always hated and looked forward to is basically like that of gary oldman (there should be other candidates, I haven't thought about it yet...), a bit bad and a little melancholy, self-restraint, self-criticism, has a lot of experience, so I feel the years Heavier, but still loving life, humor only occasionally lonely and lacking a muse, broad but a little mysterious. As for loli, it must be simple enough, and it will naturally be sexy if it is simple. She is curious about the world, but she still doesn't know how to describe life on a blank sheet of paper. To a certain extent, she is indeed rather lost, but she must be an independent personality, not just a little sidekick who is just taken around to play. Naturally, the middle-aged uncle will do the instructing. One person can tell the story, one person can listen, and finally they can share it with each other. As I said earlier, falling in love is second, and talking about coldness is the key. The two should be both teachers and friends. At the same time, they are attracted by both sexes, so there is no shortage of sex scenes. Talking coldly in bed is the most romantic. . . . (The bed scenes in this film are also superficial!)

The final ending is hilarious and tragic, a little sadness is a little bit more feminist, the girl grows up, her personality becomes more and more independent, and the middle-aged uncle is getting older, the relationship between the two has been completely sublimated and become a pure soulmate. The girl even had another lover, got married and had children, and continued her long life. If you are a little more happy, the two will stay together for the rest of your life (in fact, until the death of the middle-aged uncle.) Then the girl starts to write a memoir. The camera flashed back, and then it really became a movie. I rely on it. . . . = =

btw, in this film, the loli's band classmate is actually quite arrogant, sincere, and shy. When pursuing ideals, he hates being brave, for example, he wants to travel by bicycle after graduation (really literary!), but He is polite and hates acquaintances (when Loli saw her middle-aged uncle holding a big bag of gifts on her birthday, she automatically left the table). The key is that it is long and handsome. Such a good boy is suitable for looking for a mature woman in her 30s to help Leng Sen. . . . It's a pity that I myself have no interest in young-toothed men matching old mature women. . Those who are interested can continue to write. . . .

Finally, giving a three-star is entirely to the face of the London tone. . . But this is a disappointing London tone liar one step after the shining star. . . .

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  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.

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