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Clark 2022-04-22 07:01:17

Last night, I watched "An Education" recommended by the March issue of "Ming". There are many Chinese translations, "The Growth of a Lady" and "Girls in Paradise Lost", but I still like the original name "An Education" the most. The film tells the story of a low-level London girl who has the potential to go to Oxford and gives up her studies and decides to marry a rich middle-aged uncle who is chasing her. The core of the story was probably originally intended to say: the meaning of education is to clarify and strive for one's own development goals, but in the end it gave us a discussion on the concept of love: there are no shortcuts in life, girls can only struggle on their own.

The idea of ​​this film is really good. There are really not many movies in the history of film that tell stories from the height of education, and there are very few movies that are so literary and artistic, not to mention the heroine has Hepburn's temperament, but The ending is too bloody, a good idea, a good multiple choice question in life has become emotional addition and subtraction. But that doesn't stop this film from giving me some deep thoughts.

What is the meaning of education? What is the meaning of education for girls? Originally, I have always been very resistant to the discussion about "studying well or marrying well", or it can be said that I disdain to participate in this kind of discussion, because I don't think the meaning of education has been confused to the point where it needs to be discussed. But now, when I am slowly becoming an older young woman, when I have struggled countless times with my own vanity, worldly vision, and unreachable pure dreams, I feel more and more that I need to clarify the meaning of "education". ".

What is the meaning of education? This is a question that must be clarified as a human being. Or actually, from the audience's point of view, it should be "what is the meaning of learning". If I were to answer, I think the meaning of learning is to find your true self, find the meaning of your own life, and find the most suitable way of living for you. Learning can broaden your horizons, learning can bring you a new outlook on life, learning can give you a new starting point in life, learning can give you a sense of accomplishment, and of course learning can also give you a job with a good income, but the meaning of learning is far It's not as simple as "bringing you something", but in the process of learning, you turn inward and "discover something".

I think learning is a process of enriching and shaping myself. I am very grateful to my parents for giving me the right to choose a major that I like to study. Although this major is not really a "major", it is not easy to find a job. University professors all say that Chinese language and literature is to learn a temperament and an attitude towards life. Many boys also discourage me because of my sometimes desperate and sometimes sharp attitude towards literature and life. Even I myself have read too many classics from ancient and modern Chinese and foreign. Too many literary films and become more sensitive, too many often fall into my own hopeless spiritual world, but God knows, I don't like to be immersed in these illusory things, I just try to find myself in these things, unfortunately I am too Slow heat is too slow heat is too slow heat, until now I have slowly become a little self, but, after all, I have become self, even if only a little.

I gradually know what kind of person I want to be, gradually know what I am suitable for, gradually understand my habits and way of thinking, gradually know what kind of person I like, gradually filter out the people and things around me that I don’t like, and gradually shape myself A comfortable living environment, gradually becoming assertive and courageous, these are the most direct effects of learning on me.

So if you say that studying is to get a high degree, find a good job and marry a husband of the same level, I will not refute you, but I will correct you, these are only the most basic benefits brought by study, they are add-ons, It will definitely come true. And only you know what kind of girl you have become in the process of learning. Enriching yourself with learning will really make girls more beautiful.

If the rich middle-aged uncle is not married, and the choice of the heroine cannot be called a mistake, as smart as she is, she will definitely regain her dream and enter Oxford to become a double harvest in love and career, then this story is not about any shortcuts in life. . It is a pity that the uncle is married, and the girl has learned a lesson, but by no means abandoning the lessons learned, but blindly embracing the lessons of love. If the uncle appeared after the girl entered Oxford to study English language and literature, do you think the story would be written like this? I guess this love story will end up being a lighthearted subject in girls writing class~~

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