If feelings can be controlled

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Once upon a time, I also fantasized that if anyone could take me to Stockholm in three years, I would marry him. As for why it is three years, the reason is very simple. After three years, I can go by myself, without relying on the financial support of my parents, and without anyone taking me. Then why do I still have this dream? Because I'm in a hurry, I'm always too eager to get what I can't get for the time being. Just like Jenny in the movie, in fact, she can enjoy everything the uncle gave her in the future, but she doesn't want to wait.

Premature rush to get something that you don't have for the time being is a common problem of modern people. In the dream of Paris, the uncle made Jenny's dream come true so easily. I believe that few girls can resist such a fatal temptation. The uncle is mature, considerate, elegant, personable, and more importantly, has the strength to help her realize her dreams. What girl would not love such a perfect person. That's why all kinds of soap bubble dramas in Korean dramas and Taiwan dramas are so popular, because they make every audience dream that they can one day meet the perfect Prince Charming like Cinderella and live a happy life. It's a pity that there is a sentence that is right. If you keep seeing a man's mature and stable side, it can only prove that you haven't entered his heart at all, or that he just wants to play. The person who truly loves you will let you see his childishness, his exhaustion, his ugliest appearance, not the appearance of a perfect lover forever. What's more, many times the reality is that Prince Charming married Snow White, and Cinderella can't enter the prince's house.

Unfortunately, life is not an idol drama, there is no pie in the sky, and there is no free lunch in the world, but there are still many people who still prefer to believe, because the dream is too beautiful, beautiful enough to hypnotize themselves and not want to wake up. Once people have desires, it is difficult to use reason to control their decisions and behaviors.

In fact, the original title of this article was: Don't rush, take your time. There are many things you just can't get for the time being. As long as you have patience and wait slowly, you will get it one day. And growth is never something that can be achieved overnight. It is a process that takes time. It needs to be experienced and felt slowly before it can be achieved. But in the end, I changed the title, because people often make the right choice if they don’t understand the reason, just like buying a lottery ticket, everyone knows that the chance of winning is one in two million, but still Will buy it, expecting that one in two million chance will happen to me. But you only need to pay two yuan to buy a lottery ticket. In real life, many people take one wrong step and they will be doomed. Therefore, feelings are always the most difficult thing to control, just like in this world, some people are crazy because of love, and some people go into the abyss because of desire. Then again, if people can control their emotions, what's the difference between them and machines? The colorfulness of the world is precisely because of the variety of emotions.

In ancient Greek mythology, there is such a magic box. Anyone who gets this box will be tempted by the box, it will say to you every day, "Open me, open me, and you will get everything you want!" Open the box, you can really get anything you want Yes, but as soon as you open it, your soul will be betrayed, and you will always be the slave of the box. Myths are just myths, but in reality, I finally blocked the "box" quietly, and the world was quiet.

Finally, Jenny went to question her parents, her uncle's friends, and her teacher why they didn't stop her. In fact, I want to say that even if someone stopped her at that time, she would definitely not obey. Even if someone told her that meeting him was her catastrophe, she would still fly to the flames. There are many things, it is difficult to let people give up if they don't go there personally and have been injured and experienced pain. What's more, everyone should be responsible for the path they choose, no matter whether others stop you or not, no matter what others say to you, in the end it is the path you choose after your own judgment, no one can blame others. It is important to learn from it so that you can grow into a stronger woman.

Don't rush, go slowly. Although feelings are occasionally like a wild horse that is out of control, remember to take the reins when it runs wild. Otherwise, if you find that there is a cliff in front of you, you will not be able to stop.

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