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Alexandro 2022-04-23 07:01:53

You look out the window and think it's the whole world.

This is the mind of the young girl Jenny. The love in Jane Austen's novels in high school English class, those beautiful and moving masterpieces, are like myths in Jenny's heart. She has excellent grades, from teachers, parents to friends around, everyone knows and expects that Jenny will be admitted to Oxford. However, in these days of being tortured by reading, that man appeared, David. He is mature and suave, and seems to know a lot, but can melt you just with his tender, affectionate eyes. Just like Mr. Rochester gave Jane Eyre the hope of a freshman, David's pursuit made Jane, who has never seen the world outside the textbook, lead a luxurious and fashionable "high life". Jenny gradually gave up her studies, but when she was about to get married, she found out that David was a married man who cheated on many people...

The story is very simple, Jenny's life changed from gray and single to colorful, rising to the sky and then to the bottom of the valley. fall. All her dreams, noble life, dinner parties and dresses, Paris and perfume, were cruelly transformed in an instant, abandoning her without pity. After leaving school, she has missed the exam and cannot return to school. A gorgeous life will end at the beginning.

That's why the film is called "Growing Up Education", right? Such a vivid example tells the children who are studying hard in school that there are no shortcuts in life. The old-fashioned topic has caused me to think more about the film.

Let's start with Jenny, the girl who loves to dream. Carey Mulligan really has superb acting skills, in terms of appearance, character, and psychology, she brings a high school girl to life. Wonderful romantic love, gentle words, mature personality, rich knowledge, gentleman's demeanor, what can touch a girl's heart more than this, and what is more like the ending in a fairy tale. However, fairy tales make people cherish the beauty of life and give you hope and courage to fight. Jenny, who is hot and simple, takes fairy tales as reality. Her grades slowly declined, and she began to question, what is the use of education? What is the use of the teacher? How about going to Oxford?

She said to the teacher: "You graduated from Cambridge, but you are still like this, living a poor life, and you just read our little articles every day. But because I have such a boyfriend, I go to high-end restaurants to eat and participate in auctions every day. Meeting and watching horse races. Why should we give up all this fun to do boring and painful things?" This is probably the question that has been on everyone's mind or still exists. The reason is very simple, that is, what Jenny finally understood after losing everything: there are no shortcuts in life. It can even be cruel enough to make you give up everything for a nihilistic dream, and slam you down just when you thought you had reached the top, making you regretful. However, Jenny also understood another valuable truth: in a young life, there is a chance to regret, and even if you regret, don't let regret ruin your future life. After failing to return to school, she went to her former English teacher for help, and after a new year of self-study, she was admitted to Oxford. She said that when she was on campus, she seemed to be no different from those high-spirited alumni, but she felt old. This movie made me unable to blame Jenny for her simple ignorance and ignorance, and the arrogance of the young. Such a beautiful heart, at such a beautiful age, has been deceived by vanity and naive gullibility, which is so distressing. And her hard work is so admirable for her courage and perseverance to face life again.

The education of growth is also the education of human nature. For adolescence, the vanity of some simple factors, the weakness of arrogant human nature is undoubtedly shown in the film. Even the audience, along with Jenny, indulges in the trappings, indulging in the unrealistic dreams of their younger years. Aiming at the society, those evils of human nature that use deceit to profit but are packaged perfectly are also very vividly interpreted. And the pain and needles that grow in people's hearts, the courage and spirit to go upstream, are also moving. The film also triggers reflections on the conflict between parents and children, as well as society's concerns about education.

Jenny's parents were not interested in boys her age who were pursuing her. However, like Jenny, she was blinded by David's exquisite and gorgeous mask, and even supported her to marry David. After the accident, Jenny accused her father of persuading her to ruin her life. Parents feel bad for their children. This kind of love is so simple, so simple and so profound. They want their daughter to be happy, and this hope makes them simply think that David is the shortcut in their daughter's life, so they lose their minds.

The female teacher in the story is the only one who always sticks to her attitude (I don't think the principal is the main character, so let's not talk about it here). She believes in the power of education and the power of perseverance. And graciously forgave the girl's arrogance and rudeness when Jenny asked for help. All the sacrifices are for this moment of awakening. Maybe that's why teachers and principals have a hard time explaining the meaning of education to young Jenny. The question of this meaning is not only in the film, but also in the whole real society: why do we need to educate people? Why should we be educated?

Extending from the story in the film to my own experience. I have asked this question too many times. Especially in high school, I went out early and came back late every day, forcing myself to bury myself in reading and doing exercises. Later, I decided to take the SAT, forcing myself to learn English and memorize words. More than once I thought, why am I doing this? In the future, I might just be an office worker, typing on the keyboard all day. It was that "maybe" that gave me reason to hold on. The future is like Schrödinger's cat, you never know what will happen when you don't get there. However, everyone knows that when you lose the strength to move forward and live in misery and cannot let go, the world can only abandon you. The reasoning is clear at a glance, but it is difficult to convince anyone of any kind of exhortation. Probably because there is no written standard for the meaning of education, because meaning, which exists in the heart of each individual, is the concept of thousands of different self. I'm not an educator, so I can't tell. But the movie makes it very clear. When Jenny gave up her education and devoted herself to an illusory shortcut in life, she got a fall that brought her back to reality, and she still saw her own small and ordinary shadow. But because of education, Jenny knew that she had mistakenly believed in miracles, and she knew the hope and confidence to regain her life. That's why we need education, and even this broken dream is such a perfect educational experience. In addition to a bright mind, education also gives us a brave and wise heart.

In addition to exploring the meaning of education, the film also expresses the education of growth, not just those words and phrases on the book or the mathematical formulas on the blackboard. Education is also a unique life experience. Sometimes, like Jenny's parents, giving children some freedom and guiding them to express their thoughts instead of controlling them can help them understand the truth after they suffer, and the truths gained from such personal experience are often the most unforgettable. . Both parents and teachers have shown that in a growing age such as youth, which is prone to contradictions, children need not only strictness and preaching, but also forgiveness and tolerance.

Go and pursue your dream. If you insist on flying, I will also be your strongest backing in the wind and snow.
Let me fly, even if I lose my way, I will find my way again and start again. As the last two lines of the poem "Blossoms Are Like a Brocade" say: "Don't be sad, draw strength from it."

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  • Dwight 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Missing girl theme film. There are few surprises. I don't understand why it got so many nominations. The ending should be stopped in any episode, such as when she said to the teacher "I need your help" or huddled in the corner of the stairs and listened to her mother reading the notice. . . .

  • Doris 2021-11-28 08:01:19

    I don’t know how many fake versions have been downloaded to find the film source. So much foreshadowing, it turns out that it is such a story, which is pretty good, but it feels anticlimactic, and then it is very politically correct. Although I agree with this value, I still feel that it is the world of boring.

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  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.