Don't be naive, there's no shortcut to everything you want

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The 2009 film, I just saw it last night.
In 1961, Jenny was 16 years old, she was smart and beautiful, she liked the cello, oil painting and French movies.
She studied in the preparatory class of a girls' school in rural London, England, with excellent grades, and has always been the "seed player" in the teacher's mind to be admitted to Oxford University. Her parents often chanted at home, asking her to learn Latin well in order to successfully enter Oxford.

On a rainy day, Jenny, who was soaking in the rain on the roadside with her cello, accidentally met the fashionable uncle David.
David is different from the boys Jenny has ever met in the past. He is brightly dressed, humorous and generous, and his aristocratic temperament in his gestures deeply attracts her.
He took her to classical concerts, took her to and from high-end restaurants, bars and art auction houses, took her to see the flamboyance and luxury of the metropolis, took her to experience the daily life of high society, and even persuaded her parents in person to take her Travel to the Paris of your dreams.
She wears beautiful and luxurious clothes, wears Miss Dior perfume, and smokes cigarettes only available in Paris.
It seemed that everything was so beautiful, and she finally lived the life she had imagined.

After getting to know David, Jenny neglected the boys who had been pursuing her, abandoned her studies, gave up the college selection exam, and even had a big argument with her tutor Stubbs in school, satirizing the teacher who had read Cambridge, and finally, only Can be stuck in a school teaching students to read empty compositions.
If you give up a lot of Jenny, what you get is a true love, and the ending is not too bad.

But the truth is cruel.
David is not a successful business man.
He is nothing but a clever and cunning speculator, and all his squandering money is obtained by illicit means. Not only that, he was already married and had children, and his wife was not surprised by David's frequent infidelity.
Jenny, who knew the truth, was devastated, and what made her even more disappointed was David's escape.
Yes, he is still a coward who dare not take it.

After calming down, Jenny knew that she had to return to her original life trajectory.
After her request to return to school was rejected by the principal, she immediately ran to the teacher Stubbs, who had always cared for her, for help. In the end, she returned to school smoothly and re-prepared for Oxford.
A year later, she was admitted to Oxford, had a happy university life, and had a new boyfriend.
Everything in the past seems to have never happened.

In the movie, Jenny's misfortune is that she did not resist the temptation and let the material confuse her eyes, and her luck is that she is smart and beautiful, and there are people around who are willing to help her. Even if she loses, she can come back. all over again.
However, in real life, how many girls can get lost and make a comeback like Jenny?

Meizi mentioned to me before that their school has several dormitory buildings for girls. On weekends, various luxury cars come and go, and most of the people who get off are uncles in their 40s and 50s.
Some of them can be seen from their looks and expressions. They are here to pick up their daughters for the weekend. Others are well known to everyone.
He said that he didn't know what would happen to the girls who "did not take the usual path". Maybe, with good luck, they could wash it all away in the future, start dating again, and live a normal life, or maybe they were just like that. The road went dark.

However, even if you graduate, change your name, and change a city, will your memory still be there?
Deceiving yourself all your life?
Why these girls can't believe that one day, some of these so-called successful uncles, these poor students in the university, will definitely be able to get it through hard work and struggle.

"She was still young at that time, and she didn't know all the gifts given by fate. She had already marked the price in secret." I
believe many people have heard this sentence, but some people may not know the story behind this sentence.
This quote is Zweig's comment on Marie Antoinette in his biography.

Marie Antoinette was originally an Austrian princess. She was born at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna in 1755. At the age of 18, she married King Louis XVI of France and became the queen of France. But she did not have the sense of responsibility, mission and moral benchmarking that a queen should have.
Every day is just passionate about dance, fashion and fun, and life is extravagant.
To this end, her brother had personally advised her that, as the queen of France, she should lead by example and read books for 1 hour a day. But she said, I don't like to read, I like to enjoy life.
Later, the French Revolution broke out, and later, she was sent to the guillotine and became a bloody victim of the revolution.

Everyone has the right to pursue the lifestyle they like.
However, don't forget that the bizarre world we live in has always adhered to the simplest rule of the game, that is: there is no free lunch in the world.
Everything in life takes effort and a price. Even if you used some luck, some talent (talent, beauty), some shortcuts (relationship, back door), you can easily get the material or lifestyle you want (expensive clothes, shoes and bags, etc.) ), that in the near future or a long time later, there is bound to be some price to pay.
This is where life is cruel and fair, and no one is exempt.

Dear, if you want to make your life more practical and stable, if you want to make your happiness more real and lasting, then please work hard with your own diligence and wisdom.
Because, for girls, being beautiful is only a matter of genes and time, and living beautifully is the real skill.
Maybe, relying on ourselves, we are always weak and our achievements are small, or maybe we still can't become that kind of particularly powerful people, and we can't live such a luxurious life, but, at least, every step we take on the road of life is so pride.
Proud as the sun, shining brightly.
And this kind of self-pride is irreplaceable, and no money is sold.

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