Big thinking caused by small freshness

Letha 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I accidentally saw this film on the movie station at night. Although I didn't watch it from the beginning, I was quickly attracted by the main actors, the Australian old drama bone Jeoffrey Rush (Captain Barbossa) and the little girl actor, and then I was completely immersed in the film. the plot and the main idea to be expressed. Taking the entire World War II as the background of the story, and through the narrative method of death as a third party, it tells the life of a 9-year-old girl Liesel in a foster family: establishing a family relationship with her adoptive father through books, establishing friendship with Jewish Marx through books, and of course with her little girl. Boyfriend Rudy's ignorant love is not entirely established by books, but the name of the book thief is precisely what Rudy called out. The only trace of beauty and hope in the original war was destroyed by the ruthless war. The third god of death took away the soul of the person he cherished, she fell into loneliness, and it was always the book that accompanied her until she was 90 years old.

Through the perspective of death, the film laments the good and evil of human nature!

Her love and friendship for Marx, the Jew, stemmed from the sadness of the same person who was lost in the end of the world, and also from Marx's enlightenment to her.

Her ignorant love for Rudy is the little freshness in the story, and of course it is also a powerful indictment of the evil of war!

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The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: So... How is Rudy?

    Liesel Meminger: I don't know. Rudy is a pain in the neck.

    Max Vandenburg: The only thing worse than a boy you hate, is a boy you like, right?

  • Rudy Steiner: Are you coming?

    Liesel Meminger: Where are you going to?

    Rudy Steiner: Isn't it obvious? I'm running away.

    Liesel Meminger: Have you thought this through?

    Rudy Steiner: Ya. I don't want to die. There - all thought through.

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