starry sky over the Brandenburg Gate

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How do you remember me, smiling or silent.

Those moments in human history are moving, they are like beautiful stripes reflected by white oysters, which complement the sparkling waves of sunlight on the water, shining in the heart of everyone who goes back to the past. From Kyle Carmen in Constantinople to sugar cane plantations in Barbados, from the narrow trenches of Verdun to the basements of Yekaterinburg, in fact, looking back at history is not an easy thing to do. People talk about the medieval and modern history of beacon-filled smoke just because they weren't there at the time.

The memory of history is always more silent than laughter.

Throughout human history, from Martin Luther's ideological and political reforms to modern science and industry, the German nation has conquered the world with its near-perfect performance. Likewise, for a considerable part of the twentieth century, she conquered most of Europe with great force. On the battlefield, the young faces of the soldiers were already blurred with blood; outside the concentration camp, the crematorium cracked and cracked the bones, turning into scorched black smoke and dispersing into the air; withered. Looking at the chariot on the Brandenburg Gate from afar, that incomparably full of pride, can it still be so unrelenting.

Survival of the fittest comes naturally, and human society is governed by the law of the forest. A great man once said, "If you fall behind, you will be beaten" - so, according to this theory - the Native Americans should be bitten back and forth by Pizarro's vicious dogs, and the children of Jinling should be ruthlessly slaughtered by the savage robbers of Eastern Ying .

Jews were deprived of property, forced labor, illegally imprisoned and then collectively executed by the Nazis... Then, isn't it all right?

At the beginning of "No Man's Land", Pan Xiao told such a story, saying that two monkeys cooperated because of eating peaches, forming the way of life of the monkey group, and finally evolved into humans. This is a consistent theme. Humans have innate altruism, and they can eventually achieve a win-win situation in the case of cooperation, while animals will choose to hunt and kill according to the biological chain, which is the difference between humans and animals.

Human beings are human, and people can make choices.

Al Pacino said in "Scent of a Woman": I have long known how to go the right way, but I never go, because it is so fucking difficult.

"Young people are always full of fanaticism and yearning for war" - this is a sentence that never goes out of style. Why are they so keen on war? It is very easy and quite easy to choose greed and violence; it is very difficult to choose tolerance and sacrifice.

People can make choices.

During World War II, in a shipyard in Hamburg, a man refused to raise his hand in the sea of ​​Nazi salutes. It is said that he had previously married a Jewish woman. Later, he was killed by the authorities.

Hans could have been an SS, but he didn't. The Gestapo carried out a frantic purge of the Jews, and he did not hesitate to accept Max, who was starving, cold and sick; he took good care of Liesel, a strange daughter, almost A blood-like love.

Rosa has become a fierce housewife under the hardships of life. Despite this, she has never lost her maternal aura in her heart. The mother and daughter embrace outside the classroom, poking tears, and the Christmas snowball fight in the basement makes people feel reassured. Laugh.

Rudy, a little lover, took care of Liesel from the very beginning, blocked the fists of the little Nazis for her, and jumped off the glacier to pick up books for her. The fire of his life had withered, but it turned into a golden light, forever in Liesel's heart. This seems to be a hazy relationship between two little ones without guessing, and it is even more affectionate than Jin Jian's juvenile friendship.

Max avoided the pursuit and was not afraid of death. He did not ignore the safety of the Hubermann family, and finally chose to die alone. There is also Max's mother who sacrificed her life to save her child. Max's friend, an SS soldier, risked his life to provide him with a pass.

What kind of era is this? I can't imagine. Nonetheless, all of this still allowed me to see the most precious and sincere human nature that bloomed in the dark.

At night, the sky was full of stars, and Max said it hurt his eyes.

Sometimes I wonder, if I had the chance, would I choose another path and live a glamorous or extreme life. Going to gamble, hooking up girls, fighting, playing online games all night, racing cars, drinking too much and then singing the Internet Divine Comedy and getting drunk in the street. Every now and then, I will be excited to be close to dizziness, and when I wake up, I will tell myself: You are not destined to be this kind of person, you are always pursuing some simple, pure and beautiful things, such as family responsibilities and moral qualities. These are the truths that have been read 10,000 times in elementary school textbooks, and the things we have long forgotten are precisely the most precious treasures. With age, false thoughts become less and less. When I grow up, I hope I don't become the person I least wanted to be when I was a kid.

The unit has an old master named Never Talk Deng, who rarely communicates with him. Whenever you open the chat box, the logic of this gentleman is nothing more than: 1. I am right; 2. You are wrong; 3. I am for your own good. He always takes the trouble to refute God's Dick Chou's idealization, and uses more exaggerated facial expressions and body movements to introduce us to his carefully summed up "Book of Confusion". At this time, I would think: Of course, life cannot be idealized, but it has to be ideal, otherwise, what is the difference between it and salted fish.

Longinus wrote in "On the Sublime": Today's people's heart is exhausted, all because of the indifference of the heart, except for a few people, everyone spends their lives in indifference, neither working hard nor ambitious Ambition, unless it is for the sake of admiration and pursuit of pleasure, but not out of passion and noble motives for the benefit of mankind.

People are not born that way, more because of a lack of guidance. Since childhood, we have received the education of "anti-individual heroism" - obedience to teachers, obedience to the collective. The mavericks eventually fell on the expectations of their elders, the necessity of survival, and the scarcity of opportunities, which is enough to prove the tragic end of idealism. Utilitarians and consequentialists are all the time selling potentially purposeful and affordable solutions. Perhaps this is the case. In the face of many choices, everyone has ticked out the most self-serving and practical option. The social phenomenon of "old man diving" is not that "bad guys are getting old", but that there are not many people who dare to tell the truth.

Along the way, Liesel has benefited not only from the warm care of her relatives and friends, but also the successful result of her following her inner choices. Every time she was troubled and depressed, she saw Hans winking and playful expression, which was a broad father's love; she talked with Max at night, all kinds of nonsense, and even joked on the head of state, Max to her, Like a good teacher and a good friend, she subtly leads her to the path of pursuing knowledge; Rudy follows her, this innocent and brave young man is likely to be the first and even the most important friend in her life. Missing Aiko and respecting knowledge, the mayor's wife generously opened the door to the library for Liesel.

Life needs friends, life needs good friends. Even in those frightening times, Liesel was fortunate to be able to live and grow in such a humanistic environment. What is even more gratifying is that Liesel has an infinite love and thirst for culture and knowledge in his heart. Through her pure eyes, such ardent and fiery feelings flashed in everyone's heart.

The torrent is rolling, no age is the same. How many people can always insist on the most sincere and pure quality?

Pursuing truth and respecting knowledge is the eternal theme of the development of human civilization. The birth and persistence of truth are closely related to culture. Life is the carrier of culture, and culture is the foundation of human progress. But war pushes these things into the abyss. Militant conservatives believe that war actively stimulates domestic demand, promotes the flow of materials, and improves the level of science and technology. On the contrary, I think that these can be easily done in the age of peace and civilization. As the saying goes: where the teacher is, thorns grow. After the army, there must be a fierce year.

Books symbolize the cultural wealth accumulated by human civilization for thousands of years, and are an important division between man and beast. Qin Shihuang burned books, and so did the Nazis; Mongolian Tartars slaughtered Han Chinese, and the mountains and rivers in Central China changed color; on the other side of the ocean, Puritans used muskets to drive American Indians out of the red land where they lived for generations. Civilization is rooted in culture. There are different levels of civilization, but there is no difference between good and bad cultures, only the connotations are different. High-level civilization uses warfare to destroy everything that invades the culture of low-level civilization, and makes such barbaric behavior, is it human or beast? Aliens conquered human beings with extremely terrifying violence. They are just biochemical weapons created by extraterrestrial civilizations in ancient times, and there is no cultural civilization at all (Note). Could it be that when the parasite invades the human body and eventually evolves into a ferocious and tyrannical monster, it should be applauded?

History has always been strikingly similar, and it is shameful that people are probably not ashamed of such barbaric and almost primitive atrocities. It is naturally out of place to criticize the past with present-day concepts, but it is not too different from the past to focus on the present. Still, as many people believe in violence and succumb to desire. History is a continuous and spiral process. Why, after centuries of mad slaughter, choose the bloodiest road without hesitation? After going through tens of millions of years of evolution, from raw hair and blood to suits and leather shoes, the wild side has never weakened?

The German nation is conquering the world all the time. She is such a nation: she gave birth to the ideas of Hegel, Nietzsche and Kant in the field of philosophy, she made Mozart famous at a young age, and also made Bach and Beethoven a generation of masters, Leibniz and Einstein dragged human beings The level of science has reached two levels in a row, and the ideological and political pioneers such as Martin Luther and Marx who have influenced the entire world pattern are also from this fertile soil - what a great nation! For me personally, I prefer to see her "conquest" in philosophy, culture and art, rather than mobile armored divisions roaming the battlefield filled with gunpowder. At the most critical moment, why can't we reach the height of human nature, so as to make choices? This is not just a unilateral problem for Germany after World War I.

Life is so hard, is it only in childhood? Maybe Liesel had asked the same, but when she recalled her childhood, more, she could feel grateful and excited in silence. I am grateful that I have had these lovely and great relatives and friends, and I am very excited to recall the important choices of countless key moments. If we are not so sad and not so silent when reviewing history, maybe people will have enough courage to look forward to the future with a light and happy outlook.

In the battle of the Teutoburg Forest, the legion of Augustus still did not return; when the Brandenburg Gate was completed, the excited people in the square could have foreseen the sky here hundreds of years later; hundreds of years ago What will the future starry sky look like?

Note: From Ridley Scott's film "Prometheus" (alien prequel), the background of the alien is to be tested, and there is still controversy.

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