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In an era surrounded by ugliness, fear can be less intense, parting is not so heart-wrenching, the snow is still white, the sun is still spotless, and kindness is still cautiously and boldly exchanged in the face of depression.
Hitler's populist rule ended everyone's quiet life behind veil curtains, but it brought the young Liesel family. In this way, the mother of the Communist Party member and the younger brother who have not grown up were separated, and they were sent to share with the mother Rosa, who complained and chatted every day and depended on the laundry to support the family, and the father Hans, who was infinitely caring and gentle to her and only played the accordion. Life.
Life is so slow that you can jot down every word you learn on your basement wall every day. Life can be treated so kindly, giving Max, a fugitive Jew, a loyalty exchanged with his father's life, and giving Liesel someone who listens to her poetic weather report every day makes her feel alive and understands life better: life never promises what. Give Liesel a lemon-yellow-haired Rudy, run with her on the way home, guard her secrets, and read her heart.
How can a person be innocent? Rudy ran in black, imagining he was a black icon, sent home for a racially sensitive topic -- believing for ignorance, innocence for believing; Rudy's dad didn't wash him Tell him: don't do this in the future, black people are inferior and bring bad luck to your family, but say: don't do it, because that's what I said--because the idea is loyal to safety and innocent.
What is a good life? When you can stand on the street and look up at the stars on the night when everyone flees into the bomb shelter, I am moved to tears; when someone builds a snowman into the basement to bring you this Christmas Eve; when all the books in the square are burned, there are still people who want you to be there Take a dip in the study of her dead son.
Life never promises, and God praises every life in his slumber tonight, and in the morning on the rubble of an air raid. Liesel can still see Max pushing the door in the sunlight after the annihilation of World War II.
Can only people be the worst and the best? A soldier can beat a woman because she is Jewish, or a soldier gently puts a girl in the rubble on a stretcher. One can love another life and destroy it at any time. Just as a man can throw away a girl as his shoes at the same time, he can also swear to protect a girl for the rest of his life.
Liesel doesn't talk much, doesn't flatter, only expresses her heart in the simplest and most powerful language when she is in love. People who talk a lot do not necessarily understand life through experience. Some people, quietly, feel all that life has to offer, accept life and steal the same things, without telling the world when they get it, and without even a silent curse when they lose it.
Just quietly, like anyone you meet in your life, learn about life in conversation.

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The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: So... How is Rudy?

    Liesel Meminger: I don't know. Rudy is a pain in the neck.

    Max Vandenburg: The only thing worse than a boy you hate, is a boy you like, right?

  • Rudy Steiner: Are you coming?

    Liesel Meminger: Where are you going to?

    Rudy Steiner: Isn't it obvious? I'm running away.

    Liesel Meminger: Have you thought this through?

    Rudy Steiner: Ya. I don't want to die. There - all thought through.

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