the power of words

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first book. On the train that was sent to her adoptive parents in Munich, Liesel's younger brother died. During the process of burying her brother by the roadside, Liesel "picked up" the "Gravedigger's Manual". Death meets a book thief for the first time! Liesel was illiterate. With the help of her adoptive father, Liesel began to learn to read. The Gravedigger's Handbook was the textbook. And the walls of the dark basement became Liesel's dictionary of new words.

Second book. Liesel and her adoptive father attended a gathering where the Nazis burned books. Facing the pile of burned books, Liesel silently watched and did not leave. When the crowd gradually dispersed, hesitating, hesitating, longing, worrying, and fearing, finally decided to quickly "pick up" the white smoke but still intact book in his chest. The mayor's wife, who was sitting in the car in the distance, watched the book thief!

The third book. Liesel's adoptive father took in Max, a Jewish orphan who was a comrade-in-arms during World War I, and hid him in a dark basement for a long time. The desire for the real world outside led Max to ask Liesel to describe the weather every day in her own words. It turned out that in Liesel's eyes, the "cloudy" weather was gloomy and no sunshine. With Liesel's daily weather forecast, Max seemed to feel the real world outside again. It turns out that words can bring hope to people! Max painted white with lacquer the only book describing Hitler that he was carrying when he fled, and gave it to Liesel as a thank you and encouragement.

Fourth book. Liesel helps her adoptive mother deliver the laundry to the mayor's house. The mayor's wife quietly introduces Liesel, who loves books, into her missing son's study, and allows little Liesel to swim in the sea of ​​books. Several wonderful afternoon readings were finally banned after being discovered by the mayor. The window of the study was not closed.

nth book. After a frantic basement snowball fight, Max is sick and unconscious, with a soul wandering between life and death. In the dimly lit basement, little Liesel read stories to the critically ill Max every day, from the "Gravedigger's Manual" to secretly entering the mayor's study through an unclosed window to "borrow" book to come. Max finally woke up. It turned out that Liesel's daily story kept him "sleep".

own book. The roar of planes passing by and bombs falling from time to time could be heard outside, and danger, fear, and anxiety pervaded the air-raid shelter shrouded in darkness. In the silent environment, a weak, crisp female voice sounded, and Liesel opened her mouth to tell the story she created. Like the accordion music played by Liesel's adoptive father the last time she evaded an air raid in the dugout, this time Liesel's story accompanied the people of the town in the dugout through the night of the air raid.

This is the story described in the film "The Book Thief", the second event of the itiandi viewing salon. This is a movie about war, told from the mouth of the god of death. Although the scenes of war are not described too much, in the process of watching the movie, you can really feel the shadow of war everywhere. "The earth seems to be covered with snow, like a white coat." Without sunlight, the white world is full of ice cold. And back indoors, basements, and bomb shelters, darkness is shrouded, and fear and anxiety are everywhere. It turns out that for residents of both the aggressor country and the aggressor country, war is dangerous and cruel, and it is a lingering fear that surrounds them all the time.

In addition to the heavy background tone, Liesel, who has a strong desire for books, Hans, a foster father whose soul is lighter than a child, Rudy who paints himself as a little black charcoal and runs on the playground like Jesse Owens, always Liesel kept a window of the mayor's wife, which seemed to shine a ray of light into the dark world. People are always willing to believe that the future is beautiful! The text is not only the thread that runs through the film, but also the power to bring comfort and hope to the people in the town in despair and fear. As described in the book "The Book Thief", "This is a unique story about how words feed the human soul, a story that shakes the god of death.

" The friends had heated discussions on war, redemption, human nature, and the power of words, and wrote beautiful postcards for the students who were far away in Yunnan to describe the moment they wanted to share. From now on, use words to convey beauty and hope!


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  • Marlon 2022-03-21 09:01:46

    I read books when I was in high school. At that time, I couldn't stop watching it, and I felt that the movie was almost a little bit, but it was not bad.

  • Amos 2021-11-27 08:01:17

    Book became her hope

The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: So... How is Rudy?

    Liesel Meminger: I don't know. Rudy is a pain in the neck.

    Max Vandenburg: The only thing worse than a boy you hate, is a boy you like, right?

  • Rudy Steiner: Are you coming?

    Liesel Meminger: Where are you going to?

    Rudy Steiner: Isn't it obvious? I'm running away.

    Liesel Meminger: Have you thought this through?

    Rudy Steiner: Ya. I don't want to die. There - all thought through.