"I am a secret"

Rhoda 2022-04-23 07:01:51

Cool and warm tones are interspersed.
In a cold city, the fiery flames of books burning under political discipline look so beautiful.
There is such a girl on Paradise Street, perfect beyond words, big clear eyes, kind heart, and a poetic perception of everything. Compared with the content of the story, the wonderful face and acting skills of the heroine moved me more. Looking into her eyes, I believe that everything in the world is clean and pure.
This way of expressing the storyline involving political content is very moving to me. It does not directly attack the right and wrong of history. It starts from human nature, and the hardships and strength of the little people in the big background. Don't lose the power to find hope in life.
The world is full of suffering, and we need to keep practicing, not asceticism, but to discover a beautiful root of wisdom in our hearts, understand life and strive to live it full of meaning and beauty.

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  • Rosemary 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Take advantage of the background

  • Payton 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Do you think it's okay? The action of stealing books was weakened and instead rendered war.

The Book Thief quotes

  • Max Vandenburg: So... How is Rudy?

    Liesel Meminger: I don't know. Rudy is a pain in the neck.

    Max Vandenburg: The only thing worse than a boy you hate, is a boy you like, right?

  • Rudy Steiner: Are you coming?

    Liesel Meminger: Where are you going to?

    Rudy Steiner: Isn't it obvious? I'm running away.

    Liesel Meminger: Have you thought this through?

    Rudy Steiner: Ya. I don't want to die. There - all thought through.