"Rush to the Finished Movie" - Book Thief

Letitia 2022-04-23 07:01:51

After reading the book overnight and watching the movie, there are only two words: disappointed, three words: too disappointed, and four words: extremely disappointed.
The one that best matches the original image is Rudy. The pale yellow boy just came out of the book!
But other than that, there is nothing outstanding in Cass.
Lisel is very beautiful, but Lisel with red lips and white skin is really good! I dare say she looks better than me!
Not to mention the acting. . It is understandable that the acting skills of the young actors are not in place, but the director should guide you anyway! ! ! It can really be used to describe the
adult actors' acting skills are not good or impressive. It's
a bit rushed to change a book into a two-hour movie. So this is the rhythm of this article: rush,
rush , steal the book, rush on The battlefield is rushing to death
, and there is no climax. Therefore, there is no urine point in this article because it is the most suitable for constipation.
PS I prefer the dubbing of the god of death. After the
comment over, I will go back to the book.

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