Looking at the front, I thought it was a stand-in literature, but it turned out to be true love

Kayley 2022-04-22 07:01:08

I think this is a very unique Hitchcock work, the story revolves around a big villa (I think it's a castle...).

The female protagonist, who was originally nursing, suddenly married a rich man whose wife had died after a few tennis lessons, the male protagonist, and was taken back to Manderley Castle by the male protagonist. However, the operation method of the entire castle is carried out according to the habits of the previous wife, which makes the heroine very uncomfortable, and always feels that she has become a substitute for her ex-wife. The housekeeper has also been obstructing the relationship between the two.

Finally, the heroine discovers a surprising secret about the death of her ex-wife...

Reminder: There are several places in the story that are quite scary, it is recommended to pull people to watch together....

Ps: Why are the actors selected before so distinctive? The housekeeper, friends, and brother-in-law are all actors with a good memory.

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  • Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper: Most girls would give their eyes for the chance to see Monte!

    Maxim de Winter: Wouldn't that rather defeat the purpose?

  • [after being asked what his costume was]

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