The ugly ethics of the upper class

Norberto 2022-04-22 07:01:08

It's a pity that the heroine in the second half of the film directly does not promote the game rules of the plot, love and psychological suspense, the ugly ethical chaos in the upper class, the novel author-style monologue, the retelling, the sound, the picture and the counterpoint. The heroine sleeps. The voiceover is the first wife of the male lead. The contrast of a pair of triangular relationships and the foreshadowing of everything for Rebecca's casting, the beauty and the ugly, the dancing on the water shadow?? The unequal male and female relationship between the male and female suppresses the control of the last minute rescue The goodbye cheating lady The dramatic contrast between the scenes is flying A marriage certificate, an expressionist lit up castle, a space butler, an icy, lifeless puppet-like performance, an expressionist, West Bank, Rebecca's Secret Room, Pua, Mind Control and The Adventures of Cinderella, Inferiority in Love, Flattery, and Misplaced Identity The castle and the people in the castle The audience is extremely curious about Rebecca, which has become the suspense of the whole film. The reverberation shows the torment of the heroine and the struggle between the hero and the past and class. New triangle relationship: Rebecca heroine and heroine Rebecca's housekeeper, female lead, Rebecca's male lead, lover, Rebecca's male lead's family

The same rules of the party, the death of the fog atmosphere, advise the flames in the fog, the plot suddenly jumps to the next scene

The male protagonist tells the story of killing his wife after telling the story with a clever rhythm. The fear of the male protagonist lies in himself

Awesome ghost shots: Follow the voice-over male protagonist to tell the movement to imitate the position of the female protagonist at that time (no one in the picture)

The heroine who unraveled the mystery was relaxed. The heroine was not afraid of danger but afraid of losing love.

The Use of the Bomb Theory

The Dramatic Misunderstanding of Cancer Reversal and Last-Minute Rescue

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  • Courtney 2021-11-12 08:01:24

    Hitchcock’s first Hollywood movie, Oscar for Best Picture. 1. The suspense is strong, the rhythm is tight, and the look and feel is good; 2. The opening monologue nightmare returns to the Mandeley Manor to perform the mirror praise; 3. Joan Fontaine is too beautiful, and the innocent, shy, nervous and restless girl is rendered into the woods; 4. The mysterious charm of Rebecca who is always absent, McGoofen's variation; 5. The sea as an interlude and symbol of Gothic Manor is the predecessor of [Citizen Kane] Xanadu. (9.0/10)

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    July 7, 2006 (Saturday) 6:30pm, PKU-Hall, with kaki?

Rebecca quotes

  • Mrs. de Winter: I wish I were a woman of 36, dressed in black satin with a string of pearls!

  • Maxim de Winter: You thought I loved Rebecca? You thought that? I hated her!