Rebecca's room is so beautiful

Sharon 2022-04-24 07:01:05


We'll never know the heroine's name, and we'll never know what Rebecca looks like. I always feel that the plot of the novel does not fit well with the movie. This incompatibility stems from the fact that many moments cannot keep up with the development of the relationship between the male and female protagonists. Sometimes the female protagonist is online and the male protagonist is not online; in fact, the film is not as good as everyone thinks. In retrospect, I think everything was so beautiful, the room with heavy veils, the intimate love between the male and female protagonists, the shaky and cautious appearance of the female protagonist in the big house in plain clothes, and the fat lady who turned her head towards the girl at the beginning of the power table. The Lord's contempt, but I always felt like I was watching a documentary. The male protagonist loves the female protagonist's innocence, and because he is greedy for innocence, he has been slow to tell the truth. He foresees that after telling the "truth" to the heroine, she will mature within a few hours, and "nothing can go back," he said. I still feel a little creepy seeing this (not that the plot has a male protagonist objectifying a female). Does the male lead really tell the female lead the truth? The movie clearly shows that r is still alive in the cabin, and the innocence of the male protagonist reduces the depth of the plot we can dig. Wouldn't it be more scary to say that the male protagonist killed r, but said it was manslaughter to all close people... Because the plot of the movie adjusted by some regulations, instead, the male protagonist was nailed to the role of manslaughter, so that Only the female protagonist will have the expression of joy that is shocked and want to laugh wildly, will burst out all love and self-confidence, and will be more persistent towards the male protagonist. Well. I have to make up the final plot of the novel.

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Rebecca quotes

  • Mrs. Danvers: [as the second Mrs. de Winter runs into the room] I watched you go down just as I watched her a year ago. Even in the same dress you couldn't compare.

    The Second Mrs. de Winter: You knew it! You knew that she wore it, and yet you deliberately suggested I wear it. Why do you hate me? What have I done to you that you should ever hate me so?

    Mrs. Danvers: You tried to take her place. You let him marry you. I've seen his face - his eyes. They're the same as those first weeks after she died. I used to listen to him, walking up and down, up and down, all night long, night after night, thinking of her, suffering torture because he lost her!

    The Second Mrs. de Winter: [turning away in shame and shock] I don't want to know, I don't want to know!

    Mrs. Danvers: [moving towards her] You thought you could be Mrs. de Winter, live in her house, walk in her steps, take the things that were hers! But she's too strong for you. You can't fight her - no one ever got the better of her. Never, never. She was beaten in the end, but it wasn't a man, it wasn't a woman. It was the sea!

    The Second Mrs. de Winter: [collapsing in tears on the bed] Oh, stop it! Stop it! Oh, stop it!

    Mrs. Danvers: [opening the shutters] You're overwrought, madam. I've opened a window for you. A little air will do you good.

    [as the second Mrs. de Winter gets up and walks toward the window]

    Mrs. Danvers: Why don't you go? Why don't you leave Manderley? He doesn't need you... he's got his memories. He doesn't love you, he wants to be alone again with her. You've nothing to stay for. You've nothing to live for really, have you?

    [softly, almost hypnotically]

    Mrs. Danvers: Look down there. It's easy, isn't it? Why don't you? Why don't you? Go on. Go on. Don't be afraid...

  • Mrs. Danvers: She knew everyone that mattered. Everyone loved her.

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