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Logan 2022-04-20 09:01:38

It's like living in a small county in China: Billy and his brother share a room, overhearing his brother's rock records, who is a union leader, making his own breakfast, and occasionally retrieving his grandmother lost in the wasteland. Every time he faced his grandmother with dementia, with that kind of loving look and tone, he always said: I'm Billy, let's go home. When she left her hometown, the sudden hug and push from grandma formed a good contrast to her usual trance and trembling. The title of grandma in the soundtrack of the movie is "Nana", so I thought: Is there really a universal language in this world? Why do languages ​​all over the world have the same or similar names for mother, father, and grandmother?
When Billy's father (who looks like Putin) misunderstands Billy as gay, Billy dances with unexplainable excitement. After watching his son's wonderful performance in shock, the father turned around and left in excitement. While walking in a hurry, his face was very moved. The son called Dad, and the father said: go home, son! The same plot is also very moving in "Beautiful Guilty". The handling of homosexuality in the film is very appropriate, and the boy next door who likes Billy is too beautiful and a little touching. Billy and Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy and Mrs. Wilkinson's daughter, Billy and his gay man, the ambiguous tone not only makes the relationship between these characters so elegant, but also under the background of the coal miners' strike. Downplayed class struggle in the adult world. Billy smiled like a mature adult. The actor did a great job.
There are not many witty moments in the film. There were probably only two or three places: Billy listened to Mrs Wilkinson about Swan Lake in front of the giant tanker in the harbour. Mrs. Wilkinson's solemn expression is matched with the passionate music. This contrast shows a suspicion of mischief - because Mrs. Wilkinson does not look like a swan; Mrs. Wilkinson's daughter said: If you want, I will I can show you my ass; Billy and his father sat on the railing and looked ahead before leaving. Billy said: Can I come back if I'm not happy there? Father said: Are you kidding me? Your room has been rented out.

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  • Chet 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    Very touching and inspiring. It is a pity that the little boy who fell in love with ballet was born in a single-parent family at the bottom of the family. Mrs. Weasley was a wise man back then. The performance of the selection was very improvised, but the true confession was the highlight. Ever since I was admitted, I couldn't stop the tears. Ten years later, the Swan Lake premiere at the Theatre Royal is a dream come true. The protagonist is a great child star. The director is better.

  • Katheryn 2021-11-16 08:01:28

    The little girl at the door of the house was amused and appeared three times, three times scattered in the middle and at the end. There are several small decorative places like this in the play. A plain and plain inspirational youth film, if you want a special surprise, it is nothing, just like a very ordinary house, but the foundation is very solid and the walls are very strong.

Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: Miss, you don't fancy me do, do you?

    Mrs. Wilkinson: No, Billy. Funnily enough, I don't. Now piss off!

    Billy: [smiling] Piss off yourself.

  • Dad: I'm bustin' my ass for those 50 pences and you're - look, from now on, you stay here and look out for your Nana. Got that? Good.

    Grandma: They used to say I could have been a professional dancer if I'd had the trainin'!


    Billy: I hate you! You're a bastard!