lucky billy

Glennie 2022-04-20 09:01:38

Very good movie, very lucky child, although the family is poor, but he has a good father. The most important thing is that there is a ballet teacher who can recognize talents, so that his talents will not be buried. Billy's dad knew his son was a genius when he saw him dancing. Resolutely decided to let him take the test. In the movie, Billy's dad is definitely a tough guy, and he doesn't hesitate at all for what his son should give up. Afraid that his son would become a "sissy", he did not hesitate to smash the wooden piano left by his beloved wife at Christmas. At night, the family gathered around the fireplace for the festival. It was the piano that was burning in the fireplace. Billy missed his mother and his father. He actually started crying. When a tough guy is sad, there are always many moving elements in it. Is he lamenting his family background or missing his wife?

Billy's trip to London was unaffordable for their impoverished and striking families at the time. His father rejected Mr. Billy's kindness because he thought he should be responsible for his son, so he put down his face, not afraid of being cast aside by the striking workers, and decided to return to work. When Billy's brother found out, the father and son hugged each other and cried, just for the sake of little Billy. But the work was not restored, and he finally had to sell the jewelry left by his wife. There is no ambiguity when it comes to sacrifice, that's tough guy. It's called grandpa.

In addition to the warm side, there are actually some hilarious places in it, and you can also see the comedy element.

Another point is to let me see what is called a developed country. In those days, the poor people there still had refrigerators and pianos, and milk, bread, and juice were still indispensable every day. Alas, we are still far from developed countries.

Another point is that I can see what is called a foreign prescription. A little girl who is just about 10 years old will say to the 11-year-old boy she likes: If you want to see me, I will show it to you. Alas, we are still far away.

Not to mention nonsense, this is a good movie, I searched the Internet and found that it has won more than N awards, and the director also has a background. Putting all the elements together, this is definitely a good movie with a 5-star recommendation.

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  • Eve 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    I believe in love, it's the best of everything ,I believe in hope and the changes it can bring ,If you believe then nothing can stand in your way

  • Fabian 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Billy missed the dance after the first Audition. From summer to winter, the emotional release and the visual impact of colors were so intense that I forgot to breathe. Because dance is inherently about emotions, there is love, anger, despair, struggle and hope that can be expressed. Billy begins with a leap of hope and ends with a leap of hope. Great script, the music is a little weird in the first few paragraphs, and then it gets better.

Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: Miss, you don't fancy me do, do you?

    Mrs. Wilkinson: No, Billy. Funnily enough, I don't. Now piss off!

    Billy: [smiling] Piss off yourself.

  • Dad: I'm bustin' my ass for those 50 pences and you're - look, from now on, you stay here and look out for your Nana. Got that? Good.

    Grandma: They used to say I could have been a professional dancer if I'd had the trainin'!


    Billy: I hate you! You're a bastard!