A little tender touch

Ruthe 2022-04-21 09:01:49

In fact, when I first watched it, I felt that the story had been going on in a mess - the background was blurred, and the main line was also advancing.

Seeing that the postman delivered the long-awaited letter to the family, the whole family suddenly gathered around the table when Billy came back, and then looked at the door... Suddenly, the family felt so cute, really. Billy's family is ignorant, clumsy, grumpy, rough, but they are forever family, the gentlest and most solid backing.

I remembered the time when I took the college entrance examination again... The feeling of anticipation, nervousness, and fear when I was waiting for the final result was really nostalgic.

Many articles are patient, and you can slowly chew the taste after a period of time. All the warmth in the movie has just begun to unfold at this time - between teachers and students, between father and son, between children, between brothers...

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  • Tyrel 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Inspirational and touching. There are several places I like very much. The soundtrack is very good and can drive emotions. When the Swan Lake music played for the second time, all the hairs on my whole body stood up. Billy had the same reaction as me when he opened the admission letter, only I didn't do it until 2 years later

  • Cecil 2022-03-25 09:01:07

    Debbie was immersed in the budding love of Girls' Generation, and the small wooden stick in her hand casually slid across the wall, but it was not a wall, but a shield that the police were waiting for to suppress the strike. There were two other children fighting with pillows, one after the other on the bed, Debbie poking the wary, provocative fingers of Billy's face as the feathers fluttered. And the little boy Michael stared into Belgium's blurred, melancholy eyes. The mutual support between relatives in the cold and hard life also moved me very much, but these details are where this film is higher than those American-style warm and inspirational high-profile films in the top 250.

Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: Miss, you don't fancy me do, do you?

    Mrs. Wilkinson: No, Billy. Funnily enough, I don't. Now piss off!

    Billy: [smiling] Piss off yourself.

  • Dad: I'm bustin' my ass for those 50 pences and you're - look, from now on, you stay here and look out for your Nana. Got that? Good.

    Grandma: They used to say I could have been a professional dancer if I'd had the trainin'!


    Billy: I hate you! You're a bastard!