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I was told from a young age that one should have ideals in life. "My ideal is..." "I want to grow up to be..." is always heard in elementary school classrooms. Gradually, I found myself farther and farther from the ideal. I found that I lived as if I was studying for the exam, and found that even if I was admitted to the university, I still had to work hard for life. Those first dreams! Where has the pure ideal gone...
I envy this child, he has courage and perseverance. Billy! Maybe he was really happy when he was dancing! When he first suppressed the fire in his heart, he was actually destined to break out one day! Even if Dad wouldn't let him play the piano, he would choose to keep pressing it! Even if Dad knew he was going to beat him for ballet, he would hide his ballet shoes under the bed! Even though I knew I wanted to back down during the exam, I still chose to jump out of my life! Remember that Christmas night, when he decided to hold his head high! He was no longer as helpless as he was when he lost the chance to take the exam for the first time. He kicked out his feet in front of his father, stretched out his legs, ran to the stage, and finished the entire dance! Shocked his father, shocked Mike, and also woke up his dream! Actually then! He has made it!
I think Billy's dad really loves his mom! So that anything that can make him think about his wife will make him feel sad. At first, he was disappointed with Billy. Boxing gloves and ballet shoes are too different. He couldn't accept it in his heart. All he did was For this family, he broke down the piano and cried bitterly at Christmas, which is distressing. He is a man, he supports the family, but who has ever asked him if he is tired! This reminds me of my father. I never asked him if he was tired. It wasn't that I was not filial, but that I saw my father was so tired and I always felt powerless. Perhaps, it is really his own filial piety! Maybe I want to be like Billy's last, let my family shed tears of relief, and at the same time, the corners of my mouth rise!
At first, I hated Billy's brother. I thought he was selfish, stingy, rude, and didn't know how to love others! But when he hugged his father and cried to the ground, I suddenly realized that he was in so much pain. When sending Billy away, he said "I will miss you", maybe a man is a creature who can't express love! Fierce on the outside, thirsty on the inside. Desire to love and love others very much at the same time! But what is very witty and humorous is the scene of his brother escaping the pursuit of the police, and the embellishment of music gives a very ironic feeling! But in the end, he still couldn't evade the pursuit. He was beaten with blood, and he resolutely decided to continue the counterattack. This insistence made people feel helpless and cute.
Mike can really be said to be Billy's confidant, he is also very strong! It can be considered to get out of his own haze, from feeling that he is gay to kissing Billy, to the kiss that Billy gave back when he said goodbye to him, in fact, it gave him courage again! His friends are loyal! "How could I miss his performance" is what he said, he thanked Billy for his kindness to him, took him to the dance studio, and let him wear his dream tutu! he! Be grateful!
Billy's mother, the woman who is no longer loved by many! Is she happy or unfortunate... Billy clearly remembers every word of his mother's letter to him. The words flowing from his mouth are helplessness and longing. He will remember his mother's gentle words and go As he did, when he made a "good boy", the mother disappeared. The lost state of mind and the empty eyes showed that he missed his mother. When he rushed to his mother's tombstone and tried to wipe the dirt, when he was reluctant to cover the piano and continued to play, when he thought that if it were his mother, he would let him go, he was actually weak and longing for love eager to care. Dad's hey is always so great, mom's love is always so delicate!
Although grandma feels like an old confused person, running away and doesn't know Billy, she also dreams of becoming a dancer! Later, I transferred my dream to Billy, but what moved people was the love of the old man, and the reluctance to part with his grandson was all placed in that deep embrace! Then she pushed her grandson away reluctantly, she knew that her grandson's dream was farther away!
Finally, I don't know if it's selfishness or a great teacher. She is selfish because she has put her dream on Billy, but in the end, she still found a talent, trained a dancer, and saved a People dream! I still remember that she led Billy to the pier, and she told the story of the white swan, which is the life that ballet dancers will always perform! Maybe she was confusing her life, maybe she was telling her life, but in the end she still didn't send Billy, maybe it was because she had already found the place in her heart at that time!
Maybe everyone here has their own dream! Dad wants to be a boxer, brother wants to be a singer, grandma's dream is to be a dancer, teacher's dream is to jump into the Royal Academy of Ballet, miners want to get due benefits and so on, I don't I know how many people's dreams have gathered here, and how many people's dreams have been stifled by this cold and cruel society. But in the end Billy succeeded, he was like a fusion of everyone, at least they also saw hope!
The whole family was nervous but pretended to be relaxed waiting for the notice. Dad reluctantly took out the necklace and watch to pawn it. In fact, they were in love with each other! I remember when Dad didn't wait to open the door and watched Billy curled up on the sofa with that distressed look and how he excitedly told others that Billy's admission was so cute. I still remember the helplessness and bitterness of being a traitor and saying his name to others outside the car because he had no money at home. And grandma's look of hope and concern! And the last hug of my brother! What a lovely family! Even if life is very hard, but with a dream, the whole family works hard together is also motivated and inspiring!
The subject matter of the film is indeed very ordinary. It is a little boy who fought for his dream and finally won. He is a father who does not like to express his thoughts, but tells his son that he loves him in his own way. It is just a story of a poor family united by love and finally living happily.
It's just that there is no lack of such beautiful stories in our lives, it's just that the lack of such stories always reminds us that whether it is poverty or hardship, we must always remember to persevere, and we must always believe that happiness will only make those moments Looking forward to his arrival to meet people, that's all. The little boy has grown up, but he still remembers that he expresses his inner thoughts in a different way, what we should learn, right?
What does it feel like to dance? Sometimes I feel like I'm venting when I see the dancer's dance posture, telling the mood, story, character, scene with the body. People's language is rich and colorful, but the body is even more changeable. If words can't describe it with the body, it will be more shocking visually! When Billy was rejected by his father to learn ballet for the first time, he used his body to fully express his anger, vent his dissatisfaction, tap dance, modern dance, interspersed with various dance steps, showing that he is a genius, but more But it was disappointment... The despair, anger and even the hammering on the wall made people feel distressed. Finally, a shot change, the same scene, the same character, the difference is the time and years. It seems that things have come to an end, ending in tragedy...
and the symphony that moves a lot in the film as the background music when dancing ballet! The visual and auditory shock is refreshing and exciting! Especially Billy's progress in learning ballet, one turned around, the other vacated, accompanied by music. After giving up the audition of the Royal Ballet Academy, he danced frantically at home. The police chased Billy's brother, and he ran from a room when he escaped. To the other room. The music of Swan Lake sounded, and the grown-up Billy made that beautiful leap.
How out of place he was during the selection, but the talent was not missed because of his identity
At first, I was wondering why there was a strike stage, I felt that it did not match the theme, and it was only when my father gave up and insisted that I felt serious, and talent was a sin. Such a tough person sold the jewelry in front of his wife after watching his son dance and succumbed to the strike. The soundtrack is amazing! His ballet is not light at all, but very heavy, but it is not cumbersome, but forceful, as if to vent and prove and force, it is burning, it is a plot of a little GAY in the film, and it is not a rotten girl, just emotionally moved , The transition of Christmas in the film is very unique. The child wears a single shirt and jumps and there are snowflakes falling. Pulling to the distant view is a snowy road all the way. The boy warms the child's hands, and his eyes are pure and gentle. He told him not to say anything, but he turned around and smiled, and threw him a women's clothes. The teachers and students danced the impure ballet together. She was his enlightenment. The two of them taught alone. The music was smooth without too many waves.
Billy's fascination with ballet and simple love has nothing to do with his background. Perhaps, he is the son of a miner and is destined to become an ordinary worker like his father and brother in the future, but the emergence of genius is not accidental. ,The ugly duckling will also become a white swan. From the beginning, I should believe that he can succeed with this Tianbin. In
the final outcome, my father looked around at this bustling city, my brother urged and anxious tone, and finally Billy was told that his family had arrived. At the time, the scene with the corners of the mouth lightly raised is gratifying. The last jump is the dream of how many people jumped out! How many blood and sweat!
Billy made it! What about us! What about the dreams we left behind when we were there...

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Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: I think I'm scared, Dad.

    Dad: That's okay, son. We're all scared.

    Billy: Well... if I don't like it, can I still come back?

    Dad: Are you kidding? We've let out your room.

    [straight face then laughter]

  • Tutor 1: What does it feel like when you're dancing?

    Billy: Don't know. Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going... then I like, forget everything. And... sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I've got this fire in my body. I'm just there. Flyin' like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.

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