I would highly recommend this movie

Rahsaan 2022-04-22 07:01:12

I watched this movie again a day later. To be honest, I'm not a particularly emotional person, but when I saw it again, I cried more than yesterday. The only difference was that I prepared tissues instead of sleeves.
The thing that moved me the most in the whole article was the supporting role, the father played by Gary Lewis. He is my tears! When I saw my father running, I thought of my father. A strong boxer who never bowed his head bowed his proud head in front of his son's dream, a dream that didn't know the future, to feel warm for his Christmas family, smashed the piano of his deceased wife, and then rushed to regret or Tangled, in front of the fire, she burst into tears in front of the whole family. How much pressure is there in the heart to make a man, a man who has always been strong, cry out. Reminds me of a sentence: home is a warm harbor. Think about it, a home gives you the association.
Facing the opposition of his family and the ridicule of his classmates, in addition to the support of Mrs. Wilkinson, another person is his good friend, a homosexual. From the protagonist's first contact with ballet, his choice of ballet, to the protagonist's fame, he has always supported him. This kind of feeling reminds me of friendship. At the same time I think about myself, what about my friendship? Can I also find someone who can be called a confidant in this mercenary, all-for-one circle? Of course, good friends are rare. How many times can I have trouble? So, I have many friends, but I haven't found my confidant yet. Are you the same as me?
It is said that horses are easy to get, but horses are hard to find. It is well represented here. A middle-aged woman who likes to smoke, an alcoholic husband, and as her precocious daughter puts it, a woman without sex. But she met a person like the protagonist who was extremely talented and willing to work hard, and used her best efforts to open up the second line of Ren and Du for him. Even the money to go to Paris wants to pay for him. It can be seen that he is a kind but miserable woman who smokes all day long to relieve her worries. Cigarettes are such a good thing.
I admire the protagonist's persistence. He was scorned by his classmates and beaten by his father. Many people say the protagonist, but I won't say it.
Sorry for the bad writing~

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  • Eddie 2022-03-26 09:01:04

    I'm going to jump into the grave!

  • Shanon 2022-03-24 09:01:40

    It's not only about chicken soup inspiration, but also about the workers' strike movement, family kinship, and ways of growing up and education. How valuable it is to be accompanied by family members who do their best and unconditionally. At the end of the film, Adam Cooper's solo dance freeze-frame picture is really amazing . Jamie Bell's appearance and figure were all right in the past, no wonder the boys and girls in the film are so excited!

Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: I think I'm scared, Dad.

    Dad: That's okay, son. We're all scared.

    Billy: Well... if I don't like it, can I still come back?

    Dad: Are you kidding? We've let out your room.

    [straight face then laughter]

  • Tutor 1: What does it feel like when you're dancing?

    Billy: Don't know. Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going... then I like, forget everything. And... sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I've got this fire in my body. I'm just there. Flyin' like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.