Maybe I should keep silent

Isac 2022-04-22 07:01:12

After watching the movie "Dancing Life" tonight, I was really moved. In addition to being moved, some are self-blame. I remember these lines in the movie: "What does it look like?" "What does it look like?" "London" "I don't know, son, I never left Durham" "Have you really never been?" "Why did I go to London?" "That's the capital" "At least there are no mines in London" "Please, that's all you can think of".

The few conversations between the father and son in the car were ordinary, even some jokes, which made people want to laugh, but when he saw his son finish saying "you can only think of this", the father's helpless The eyes hurt me deeply.

Thinking of waiting for the bus with my mother at the station a few days ago, I took out my mobile phone and showed my mother the photos I took when I went to Rizhao some time ago, and joked with my mother, saying that this photo is handsome, my mother said it was ugly, At the end, my mother said, "Your father hasn't seen Hailai yet," and then handed me the phone. That sentence stinged me at that time, I didn't know what to say, so I could only keep silent.

Two years ago, my mother went to Rizhao, and we looked at my mother's photos. At that time, I hadn't even been to the seaside. It was the first time my mother saw the sea at home. My father and I were very unconvinced and said, "What's wrong with the sea? It's beautiful, don't hesitate to go."

After that, I saw the sea, and we looked at my photos together. Dad was like a child, asking this and asking that. After my dad left, my mom said to me, "Your dad hasn't seen Hailai yet." .

These two words, my mother said when my father was away, my mother knew that saying such words in front of my father would hurt my father's heart, and with my father's character, my father also had a tireless expression. , "What's so beautiful about the sea". At this point, I follow my dad very much, so I understand my dad's heart.

But as a son, he is so old, and he has not yet led his parents to the seaside. We were all born in a valley and we are used to seeing mountains. Although I prefer mountains to seas, each has its own beauty. , the sea will never change, but I should take my parents to see the sea. At this point, I can't be considered a good son.

Now, when I think of what my mother said, I have an indescribable feeling. I know that my father is just like the father in the movie. For the sake of his son, he has suffered too much pain and suffering behind his back that I could not imagine.

I laughed when I saw Dad running down the road when he learned that his son was accepted, I just hope, one day. . . . . .

The first thing is to take my parents to the beach. I don't want to hear "your father hasn't been to the beach yet" for the third time.

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  • Violette 2021-11-16 08:01:28

    The last scene is amazing

  • Keenan 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    The kids did a great job. This is an inspirational film, isn't it? Before finishing the dance, the judges all applauded, and the fate has changed since then. Inspirational means that the whole world is here to help you achieve your dreams because of your own perseverance and love, and of course your talent.

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