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Love is a very rare thing, and most people, including myself, don't have anything called "love" at all, they just mess around. So when you have a "love" thing, you are very lucky, it is a gift from God, you must grasp it well and go all out to pursue it.

If you love something, go for it with all your might.

The education and influence of fathers on children during adolescence has more than 80% effect on children's character and life, and is likely to change their children's life trajectory. So, if you have kids, do your best to be your best, do your best to be a good parent. Your words and deeds have an impact on your child's life!


The place where the story takes place is in Scotland, and the actors speak a strong Scottish accent.

There's a real inexplicable joy in Scottish accents to me, as if they're deliberately saying something very common in the funniest way possible.

An 11-year-old child "Billy" who lost his mother since childhood,

his father expects him to wear boxing gloves and become a boxer,

even though he is a poor family, and is in a strike period, a miner family with no income,

his father still offers him 50P Monday boxing class.

But he lacked interest in boxing. Instead, after each boxing class

, he was deeply interested in using the ballet class on the same venue.

Due to an opportunity, he changed his dance class without telling everyone.

The teacher who had no intention of teaching dance, saw Billy's talent, his eyes lit up, and the whole teaching enthusiasm was stimulated.

And Billy's family was angry and obstructed from the beginning to fully support his dream.


The 2000 film, later adapted into a musical by SirEltonJohn (Elton John),

It debuted at

the WestEndTheatre in 2005 and is currently being staged at the VictoriaPalaceTheatre.

Compared with many senior stage plays in London, Billy Elliot's play is still as young as a baby.

The biggest difference from the general classic stage play is that BillyElliot has movies first, then musicals.

Recently, after a day of searching with Checkered, I went to watch the musical.

First follow the old method and ask at the half-price ticket booth at Leicester Square.

I wonder if it is during the summer vacation? Or because of the good reviews, all the tickets were sold out, leaving only £60.

120 pounds for two people! How can you afford it!

Later, half an hour before the show, I went directly to the official ticket booth of the Victoria

Palace. There were only 25 and 60 pound tickets left, and I immediately took out my card to buy cheap tickets, which was located on the edge of dresscircle.

Ten minutes after entering the venue, we saw that the seat with a ticket price of 60 pounds was always empty,


we automatically upgraded to that seat ^^ Ha!

At the beginning of the performance, I saw a child wearing a horizontal striped polo shirt climbed onto the stage from the front of the stage! (Shocked!)

He blurted out, "Whoops! What's wrong with that kid?"

Turns out that was Billy's unique way of approaching,

climbing onto the stage, turning his back to the audience, and watching TV.

Very childish, uncontrollable feeling.

The plot outline is similar to the movie!

The singing and dancing part lived up to expectations, obviously adding a large proportion.

All the actors in the whole play also perform in Scottish English. It is recommended that you watch the DVD before watching,

otherwise you may miss a lot of laughs because of the strong Scottish accent!

The most impressive episode is:

when the dance teacher gave Billy one-on-one training, Billy was asked to bring something he felt to class.

Billy took a bunch of things out of his bag, and

finally took out a letter his mother had written to him before she died.

He asked the teacher to read

the letter, and he had already memorized the letter his mother gave him by heart.

When the teacher choked when he read it, he could read the next sentence right away......


This paragraph , I was really touched. Originally, the front row had been eating snacks, and the little girls who were not very attentively appreciating them frequently wiped away their tears.

There is another section where Billy dances secretly in the [AngryDance] where he was caught and his father forbids him to continue dancing. He tapped

to express his dissatisfaction and disappointment frantically. Very shocking.

On Christmas night,

Billy was in the gym, fantasizing about growing up to be a ballet dancer, dancing [Swan Lake],

little Billy, and the big Billy he fantasized about becoming a dancer, turning the chairs, dancing Swan Lake with each other,

big Billy Lift up the little Billy and let the little Billy spin freely in the air with the wire~

Because of the dream, Billy also flew.

In this scene,

I happened to be met by my father. He knew that Billy loved to dance, and his attitude changed from shame to support.

In order to raise funds for Billy to go to London to take the exam, during the strike, he went back to work with humiliation,

people spit and looked down on him, and became a scab, because he believed~【Hecouldbeastar】

Afterwards, the village launched fundraising, and the father and son could finally Successfully went to London to take the exam.

At that time, my father had no idea what ballet was.

I only know that when boys dance ballet, they are wearing tight Nutcrackers, and

the pile of things between their legs will be bulging.

Before waiting for the interview, I met a male dancer who was smoking together. Dad couldn't help but look between his legs!

For the dramatic effect, the bag of the male dancer has been enhanced, and it's true!

Very funny!

A child who came from the countryside to the city, the whole interview process was very unprofessional. The music cassettes prepared in advance had to borrow pencils from the examiner and rewind the tapes before they could be played.

Before leaving, the examiner asked him, "What does it feel like to dance for you?"

Billy sang innocently, like an electric shock all over his body [Electricity]

[EltonJohn's version of Electricity+SwanLake] is also the most well-known song,

It seems clumsy, and I don't know how to express the feeling of dancing,

but because of the lack of decoration, it makes people feel this child's love for dancing even more.

Of course, Billy passed the test!

At this time, the strike was also declared a failure, and everyone resigned to their fate and went back to work in the mine.

The story ends with the back view of "Little Billy is carrying a big suitcase, ready to go to London to work hard".

In the movie version,

Billy grows up to be a principal dancer and invites his dad and brother to London to enjoy his performance.

Dad is crying red eyes in the audience.

But this part doesn't exist in the musical,

so it ends with the back of the little boy waiting for the car, which made me a little stunned.

At the beginning, I wondered if there would be

a stalk~ "Arrange Dad to sit in the auditorium, and finally spotlight shines on the crying dad with red eyes" ㄌㄧㄝ!

It seems that I am thinking too much@@

The whole show is full of joy, humor, tears...

If you have the opportunity, you must watch it, even if you don't understand Scottish English, it doesn't matter.

Just watching the dancing is worth the price of the ticket.

In addition to Billy's ability to dance, his gay friend Michael is also very funny and effective every time he comes out.

After seeing the little Billy who can dance wearing a striped polo shirt, I

deeply felt that in the

future, I will let my child wear a horizontal striped polo shirt.

The whole unmatched ending!


Introduction to the protagonist

Mibel was born in a dancing family, including grandmother, mother, aunt and sisters, all dancers.

Since he was a child, he has been outside the dance classroom, peeking at his sister's class and imitating dance moves. At the age of six,

he officially began to learn ballet. Although he had the encouragement and support of his family, Jamie did not dare to

tell the fact that he was practicing dance. Friends at school, because they are in the north of England, conservative folk still think that

dancing is something done by girls, and dancing is also equivalent to femininity. Perhaps because of this growing background,

Jamie stood out from the 2,000 people and was chosen by the director of [Dancing Life] to play the little boy in the play who was

forced by his father to learn boxing, but could not extricate himself from the ballet dance class next door. boys.

[Dancing Life] is Jamie's first film, but he has unexpectedly tapped his performance potential.

He has also been appreciated by many film critics and won many awards. In 2000, he defeated Tom Hank, Russell Crowe

, etc. Acting male star, won the British Academy Award for Best Actor;

later he won the Best New Actor Award, the National Film Critics Association Outstanding Child Actor Award, and also with

Xiulan Temple in [Little Angel] and [ET] in [ET]. Jewel Barrymore, Macaulay Coke in "Home Alone", etc.

The classic character is also listed among the top ten children's screen images of American Entertainment Outlook magazine.


Film Story:

In 1984, a mining city in northern England, the city Miners in China are going on strike,

11-year-old Billy Elliott (Jamie Bell) is in this turbulent environment, the economy in Billy's family is very embarrassing,

the hard work of his father and brother is only enough to feed his stomach . The conservative and traditional father has always hoped that Billy could learn

boxing and show the strong physique of the miners' family.

Billy therefore had to join the school boxing club, in the boxing ring Billy is lethargic. But by chance, the

boxing club and the ballet club took a class in the activity center, and he was deeply attracted by the elegant dancing posture of all the girls,

so he slowly walked towards the ballet....

One day, when Billy proposed to his father to join the ballet dance club, his father and brother objected.

After all, only girls practiced ballet at that time. So he learned ballet without telling everyone. Wigginson (Julie Waters), the dance teacher who taught

ballet , was a teacher who was tired of teaching dance. At first, he

was not very willing to teach Billy. You see, my class is full of girls, do you

still want to learn? But being moved by Billy's enthusiasm, she also rekindled her passion for teaching dance. She kept

encouraging Billy, hoping that he could move towards Ballet dance development. She had to get Billy into the Royal Academy

of Ballet in London, England, and Billy had the same talent.

At that time, the matchmaking union was on strike for welfare. On Christmas at Billy's house, although

the fireplace was roaring, the Christmas tree and gifts were all available, there was no

laughter warm words.

That night, Billy and his friends went to the place where they practiced ballet and danced together to celebrate. Unexpectedly, they were bumped into by their father.

Billy summoned the courage and presented the dances he had learned to his father one by one. The father was taken

aback , but in his heart he finally affirmed his younger son's passion for dancing.

Billy's poor family couldn't afford the fees for his upcoming Royal Ballet Academy audition, and his father

pawned Billy's untimely mother's jewelry. After many obstacles, Billy lived up to expectations and

passed the audition. Little Billy must go to London, where he has no relatives, and learn dance alone in the academy.

On the day he left his hometown , his father and brother, who were usually not good at words, watched him leave reluctantly. Years later, Billy's

first dance performance, his father and brother offstage, as well as Billy's friends, watched him leap out and

shine on the stage...


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I believe that everyone is in their youth and youth Under the expectation of parents that their children will become dragons and their daughters will become phoenixes

, they will compete with their parents and their dreams, but how many people can stick to their

goals, keep moving forward, and complete the initial ideals without succumbing to reality? The

screenwriter also a famous playwright, Lee Hall, the greatest significance of writing this play is

to use the story of a little boy's struggle to make adults think about their childhood dreams, whether they are already at this time. Gradually complete

it, or gradually lose your original target in the process of growth.

Born in a miner's family, Billy was not interested in boxing that his father wanted him to learn. Instead, he

came into contact with ballet by chance, which sparked the spark of learning in his heart. Under the opposition of his family again and again,

Find your own path in life.

With Billy as the center, the film expresses the uncertain process

of people in discovering their true life goals very aptly and vividly. We can see that little Billy is constantly withdrawing, compromising, and wandering. After all, dancing is still inseparable from dancing. After working hard to gain the approval

of , he entered the Royal Ballet Academy by himself and moved forward for a more lofty ideal.

This film takes small people as the theme, and the secluded town as the story development location. It makes good use of the intersection of different events, places, and the

same time to build up the ups and downs of the plot, showing Billy's intention to practice dancing;

implying that people The dance practice and leisure time with the potential of music and dance; the dispute between the teacher and the eldest brother Erzao and

the doubts and struggles in the street dance all use this method, which also increases the visual and

plot The richness presented makes people more integrated into the story and characters. In addition, dance is used a lot

as an emotional expression in the film. For example, when little Billy was praised by the serious Mr. Wigginson for dancing for the first time

, he danced happily on the way home; Under the dilemma of his expectations and the

reality , he also uses dancing on toilets, stairs, rooftops, and the street to express his struggles

and anxieties. The most impressive thing is that Billy has no words to borrow. To explain, under the subservience

of , ignoring the helpless expression of his father, he resolutely proved in front of his father his determination to love dancing and

the results of his hard work, and finally persuaded his stubborn father to stand on the same front as Billy to overcome the real difficulties. .

With the complete description of the screenwriter, every member of the Elliott family and ballet teacher Wilkinson has a complete

character presentation. We can see that Jack Daddy raised money for Billy to complete his dream; brother Tony

Billy Inspiration from music (dance), as well as the impulse to be a strike leader and the tenderness of the Son of Man and the eldest brother;

The grandmother, who seems to be confused and always speaks inappropriate words, is actually constantly hinting at Billy's plasticity,

showing her love for her little grandson in a smiley gesture; the indifferent Mrs. Wilkinson is Billy The inspiration of the dance

is also the character with the most secrets and backgrounds. With his unique emotional expression, he leads an

ordinary teenager to discover the passionate dream in his heart. Every character plays a pivotal role in the plot, and

Billy's heart supports him to continue to persevere. Without their existence,

a new Billy Elliott cannot be born.

There is no big red star, no super idol, an inspirational film starring a 14-year-old child star, but abruptly

won the 2001 British Academy Award for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best British Film and other three It has been

shortlisted for numerous awards such as the Golden Globe and the Golden Statue, and was also selected as one of the top ten best films of the year. Since its release, it has set off

countless waves around the world. It can be regarded as the best masterpiece and representative of the British film genre in recent years. , What is the charm of this movie , it is

worth watching, I think the biggest reason is that Billy's story is partly like you, partly like me,

and we... all long to be another Billy.


Text / Cao Yuling

Art film "dance life ” describes not only the story of an 11-year-old boy who aspires to learn ballet, but also the story of

a boy who struggles with class, gender barriers and sexual identity.

In 1984, in the town of Easington in northeast England, local miners were in full swing for a general strike.

Billy, an 11-year-old, came from a nearly broken family. My mother died, my grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's

disease, my father and brother were busy with the miners' march and strike. In such a tense political climate, families lack warmth

Under the warm environment, Billy desperately needs to find an outlet for the liberation of his lonely soul. Having suffered repeated setbacks in boxing classes, he

quickly turned his attention to ballet classes in the same gym.

Originally, Billy simply used dancing to soothe his lonely soul. However, when his secret dance lessons were revealed by his father,

and the teacher thought he had great potential and recommended him to the Royal Ballet Academy for audition, all kinds of conflicts ensued. come.

This conflict stems first from class barriers and gender stereotypes. Ballet has always been regarded as a middle -class

thing that only children from wealthy families can learn. For Billy, who was born in a miner's family, the dream of having such a "middle class"

undoubtedly caused a great financial burden on his family. In addition, ballet is traditionally considered "

something for girls". Boys learn ballet as if men don't work at home and raise children or men have a feminine

name , which is despised in this patriarchal society. of.

And gender stereotypes indirectly suggest homosexuality and heterosexuality. In traditional stereotypes

, boys who learn ballet are often considered gay. Billy going to ballet as a heterosexual boy does have the meaning of

subversive stereotypes. However, it is worth pondering that although Billy may not be congenitally gay (the

masculine father and brother in the family and the lack of identification with his mother), the director clearly emphasizes his

same-sex friendship with his gay friend Michael in the film, rather than Emphasizes his heterosexual relationship with Debbie (the teacher's daughter). Coupled with the fact that Billy walked from

behind the stage to the audience at the end of the film, this strong symbol of comeout all implied the possibility of Billy becoming an

acquired homosexual. This delicate handling of the vague

homosexual , is the most moving chapter in the film other than ballet.

"Juvenile's Dream World" versus "Adult Reality", "Ballet's Beautiful Dream" versus "Miner's

Darkness ", Billy moved from the working class to the middle class, challenging the mainstream heterosexual patriarchal society, crossing the

The traditional gender stereotypes between men and women , these binary opposition elements constitute a strong dramatic tension in the film. "Dancing Life"

doesn't have much dialogue in the whole film, music, dance and video are the focus. The music of the British rock band T-Rex and The Jam in the 1970s

injected youthful vitality into the film under the haze of heavy strikes.

It is worth mentioning that the director inserted the

classic black and white pictures of the famous song and dance master Fred Astaire's 1935 masterpiece "Top Hat" in the film, plus Billy's impromptu tap dance performances in the play, all of which have

a strong tribute to Fred Astaire. mean. In the 1930s, American musicals provided people with an escapist

dream country under the Great Depression, and Billy not only escaped the pain of growing up by dancing, but also became the

best . This is a tearful, heart-moving inspirational sketch. For

Stephen Dedley, a British director who is already well-known in the British stage play industry, "Dancing Life" is the touchstone of his success across the film industry.

(The author of this article is currently a student at the Film Institute of Emory University in the United States)

------------------------------------ --- It

is the process of a young boy learning ballet...

Everyone thinks that ballet is something that girls learn...

and boys just want to learn boxing....

So this little boy has received a lot of Resistance....

Of course this also includes many factors like family environment and era background....

In that era

Boys learn boxing

and learn to dance seems to be the patent of girls,

but the little boy fell in love with dancing

and then the story starts from how he won the opportunity to learn dance by himself,

the opposition of his family and the affection between his father and brother for him

. The traitor who put together the money to send Billy

to the audition

and endured the humiliation of working in the union

was recognized by his eldest son on the road.

The helpless look on his father's face~~~

Sadly told the eldest son that

he and himself were not saved (only a miner) )

But Billy has to say what he wants to achieve his wish (let him go to the audition)

The two of them think about the current coldness at home and can't help but cry sadly


and the various

watching and dancing life in the future, in addition to the understanding of sexual orientation and gender differences In addition to cutting into aspects such as dance, dance, etc.,

in fact, it is also useful to understand the context of Billy's father and brother.

From the continuous strike of the trade union, to the observation of the lower classes of society, the compromise of the trade union, the abandonment of labor, etc.,

we can see the freedom of the United Kingdom . The shadows and elements of the film movement

can further find a definite position for the film Dancing Life in the history of British film.

The film industry is focusing

on three nominations for the 73rd Academy Awards ,

Best Director,

Best Supporting Actress ,

Best Original Screenplay

, 2001 British Academy Awards, three nominations for

Best Picture ,

Best Actor and

Best Supporting Actress

. The 58th session Two Golden Globe nominations

for Best Picture in a Dramatic

Best Supporting Actress

2001 Screen Actors Guild Four Nominations

Best Picture

Best Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Overall Performance

2001 French Caesars Film Awards

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Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: I think I'm scared, Dad.

    Dad: That's okay, son. We're all scared.

    Billy: Well... if I don't like it, can I still come back?

    Dad: Are you kidding? We've let out your room.

    [straight face then laughter]

  • Tutor 1: What does it feel like when you're dancing?

    Billy: Don't know. Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going... then I like, forget everything. And... sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I've got this fire in my body. I'm just there. Flyin' like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.