"Beyond My World" Movie Story

Clement 2022-04-23 07:01:45

The first impression I felt was very comfortable.

The little boy was carrying too much, and he felt inexplicably sour after only 15 minutes.

In the emotional push-pull lens, the use is just right.

The world of children has melancholy that adults can't understand, but also has happiness that adults can never get.

The editing is great. The scene where the male protagonist is learning ballet by himself and in class is so comfortable that the two are connected together. With the blessing of music sound effects, the effect is unparalleled. I love the editing of this movie, the intersection of joy and sadness, with a different kind of dark humor.

In the movie, the interspersed with some small scenes is also very interesting.

Patriarchy and patriarchy are heartbreaking to watch.

The male lead is really cute when he wants to be petty.

Adults don't understand how well children know them, as if they forgot they were children too.

This film always conveys a lot of information inadvertently, with laughter and sadness.

Taking a letter as a carrier, in my opinion, is the most profound form of conveying emotion. He must have read the letter from his mother many times in the film.

Family and persistence have always been inextricably linked.

The language of the shots is really rich, and the composition, transitions, and expressions of some emotions are all eye-catching.

Song and dance is an art that expresses people's heart.

The family environment really matters.

The understanding of the family is better than anything else. The transformation of my father and brother is touching and full of warmth.

ps: The male protagonist is really handsome, and the prototype is also very handsome. You must watch the male version of Swan Lake once in your lifetime. It would be best if it was Adam Cooper.

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Extended Reading

Billy Elliot quotes

  • Billy: I think I'm scared, Dad.

    Dad: That's okay, son. We're all scared.

    Billy: Well... if I don't like it, can I still come back?

    Dad: Are you kidding? We've let out your room.

    [straight face then laughter]

  • Tutor 1: What does it feel like when you're dancing?

    Billy: Don't know. Sorta feels good. Sorta stiff and that, but once I get going... then I like, forget everything. And... sorta disappear. Sorta disappear. Like I feel a change in my whole body. And I've got this fire in my body. I'm just there. Flyin' like a bird. Like electricity. Yeah, like electricity.

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