when i forget how i am myself

Emilia 2022-04-20 09:01:41

watched the heroine struggling and still lost her memory and ability step by step. Suddenly, she found that we exist in memory, and without memory, there is no joy or sorrow. And existence is in love, without love, there is no meaning, I miss myself, and after that self is forgotten by myself, this miss will be completed by the person who loves her. If it were me, what would be the story.

I understand that Alice recorded a video to teach herself the act of suicide. When life is no longer under her control and experience, those accumulated superiority and self-movement gradually fade away, when I become no longer like me, not even like a normal person. People live in this world, I would rather die than this kind of loss and humiliation, although I will not know by then. It's just that Alice failed. I think she will be relieved when she knows it. After all, for those who love her, even if they are fortunate, they still need her by their side.

Perhaps, one day, we will forget everything about us, but only when we have good things will the passing be tragic and meaningful, so I hope I can have the tragedy and meaning of forgetting, and learn the importance of living in the moment— —2015-3-27

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Still Alice quotes

  • Dr. Alice Howland: I need something to read.

    Dr. John Howland: I thought you were reading Moby Dick.

    Dr. Alice Howland: Yeah, I was. But I got tired of reading the same page over and over again. I can't focus.

    Dr. John Howland: Well, that happens to me when I read Moby Dick too.

  • Dr. Alice Howland: When I was, um, a little girl, like, in second grade, my teacher told me butterflies don't live a long time. They live, like, a month. And I was so upset, and I went home, and I told my mother, and she said: "Yeah, but, you know, they have a nice life. They have a really beautiful life." So now it always makes me think about my mother's life, and my sister's life. And to a certain extent, you know, my own.