How long can Alice be (don't like it)

Alberto 2022-04-21 09:02:00

I saw the Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood at the Golden Globes. Oscar saw Birdman, Mimic, All Things, Nightcrawler, and more. Almost all of the nominations have been read. In the end, Aunt Moore's Alice was left, so I finished watching it today.

I don't know if anyone feels the same way as me, but in all the films this really came to the deepest part of my heart.
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Have you ever imagined that you are healthy and beautiful You, the proud you, the smart you, one day slowly don't remember anything. You find yourself sick, forgetting everything around you little by little, the only wealth after getting old - memory, but you can't recall...

A professor of linguistics at the university, her self-esteem is so strong. Although she promised the doctor to give a speech after she got sick, deep down she actually refused to accept the fact. So much so that the video I recorded for myself to watch after learning that I was ill actually directed the future self to commit suicide. From the very beginning, she had expected that when she went to see a doctor by herself, she would bring a burden to her family by not remembering anything in the future. So she decided, while she was still awake, to be like the butterfly story her mother told her—life is beautiful and short. With that butterfly necklace, she also seemed to remind herself not to forget...

Yes, this is a sad true story. The director's narrative method is straightforward. But the timeline is not clear, and Moore forgets more things as soon as the camera turns. One day, Moore, who was sick, dared not tell his family. Then she couldn't sleep and finally went crazy. Her husband accompanies her to doctor visits, and the two well-educated men are serious and quiet. When she told her children that her disease was hereditary. The eldest daughter, who had just been trying to conceive a child, almost collapsed in her heart. She was almost in no mood to worry about her mother, but whether she and the fetus in her womb had genetics.

As Moore said, Alzheimer's is better than cancer. It's simply better to live than to die. Maybe it's like the Metamorphoses book, one day you find out that you've become a bug, and you'll feel a real sense of kinship or alienation. In this movie, there is no Korean Oppa to accompany you to find memories, and some are fast-paced metropolitan life, in order to better develop their family who are constantly looking forward. After accompanying Moore for a period of time, her husband finally left for his career, and the eldest daughter who gave birth to twins could not continue to accompany Moore. Moore, who can't remember anything more and more, the eldest daughter just sees her as a problem to be solved or a responsibility to take on. In the end, the eldest daughter also accused the second daughter of ignoring her mother, and the implication was to leave this troublesome matter to us to fly away.

In fact, the one who really cares about Moore, who doesn't treat her as a patient and a burden, is actually the second daughter, Lydia played by Twilight Girl. During her illness, although she was running around, she communicated with her mother all the time.

Moore read her the speech, and she told Moore to write about how you really felt. She saw that Moore was reluctant to face who he was. She is refusing.

Moore misreads Lydia's diary, and she feels angry that her privacy has been invaded. But then she understood her mother, she wrote not secret on the first page of the diary and put it in front of her mother's bed.

In the end, Lydia became the only one in the family who gave up everything for her mother. Then she, who wanted to be an actress, went home. Accompany Moore, read to her, take her to see the scenery.

At the end of the film, Moore has been unable to say a complete sentence. But the only word she uttered, aside from yeah, was LOVE.

Moore forgot everything except that little Alice running on the beach. Still Alice always remembers the best alice. Thanks to Lydia for keeping Alice's most beautiful memory - LOVE

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Still Alice quotes

  • Dr. Alice Howland: I need something to read.

    Dr. John Howland: I thought you were reading Moby Dick.

    Dr. Alice Howland: Yeah, I was. But I got tired of reading the same page over and over again. I can't focus.

    Dr. John Howland: Well, that happens to me when I read Moby Dick too.

  • Dr. Alice Howland: When I was, um, a little girl, like, in second grade, my teacher told me butterflies don't live a long time. They live, like, a month. And I was so upset, and I went home, and I told my mother, and she said: "Yeah, but, you know, they have a nice life. They have a really beautiful life." So now it always makes me think about my mother's life, and my sister's life. And to a certain extent, you know, my own.