Alice's speech

Cassandra 2022-04-22 07:01:21

Good morning, it's my honor to be here. The
poet Elizabeth Bishop once wrote: The art of loss is not difficult to master, and many things seem to be lost eventually. This loss does not mean disaster.
I'm not a poet, I'm just an ordinary person with early Alzheimer's disease.
Because of this, I find that every day I am learning the art of losing, losing my sanity and direction, losing objects, losing sleep. . .
The most important thing is the loss of memories.
I have accumulated all kinds of memories throughout my life, which in a sense have become my most precious possessions. The day I met my husband, I had children, made friends, and traveled the world with my first textbook I wrote. . . It's all accumulated in my life, it's why I work so hard
Now it's all taken away
You can imagine or you've been through it, it's hell
but it's getting worse
We're not who we were, who Still take us seriously
Our weird behavior and awkward words change how others see us and how we see
ourselves We become ridiculous, incapacitated and funny
not what we should
be, just us Illness has made us what we are. Like any other disease, there is
a reason for this disease, and there will be a cure for it.
My greatest wish is for my children, our children, our next generation to not have to face us. Everything I'm facing
but at least so far I'm alive
I know I'm alive
I have people I love and things I want to accomplish and I blame myself for not being able to remember things
but every day I experience pure happiness and Pleasure
please don't think I'm in pain, I'm not in pain, I'm struggling
struggling to fit in, struggling to keep in touch with my old self
I tell myself to live in the moment
it's really the only thing I can do right now to live
in the moment and don't be
this memory will disappear I know it will disappear, maybe tomorrow
but speaking here today means a lot to me
because the ambitious me before is always overwhelmed by the charm of communication
Thank you all for giving me this opportunity
this It means a lot to me
thank you all

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