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Lesly 2022-04-23 07:01:58

My grandfather fell a few days ago, and my mother called me to go back. Now he has no way to go to the ground. My mother is 56 this year. In 2010, my grandfather had a stroke and started to fall to the ground. These years have been very hard, parents In addition to working all the time to take care of, my grandmother is not in good health.

In the first few years of the disease, because strokes are actually quite common in middle-aged and elderly people, I didn't realize it was Alzheimer's disease at the time, but I had heard of and never been exposed to this disease, and I never thought it would happen around me. In the early days of my grandfather, I always wanted to run to the place where I lived when I was a child. Now the city has changed so much, I can't find the place where I was when I was a child. After losing a few times, everyone knew that I had Alzheimer's disease. At first, I always thought that with the development of medical technology, one day it could be cured, but now I suddenly feel that I can't wait for that day.

I got lost many, many times, thought of many, many ways, and listened to the doctor's instructions to send him to a convalescent hospital. Unfortunately, even now we don't have a special place as good as in the movie. My mother can't bear to see my grandfather every time. The look in his eyes, he felt that his family had abandoned him, and he took it back after a short stay. When I came back, I ran away without paying attention. Soon I didn’t even know my mother, but I knew my father. The last time I ran out for a day and a night in heavy snow, I couldn't find it at all. On the coldest day of that year, I couldn't call the police for less than 24 hours. In the end, he didn't expect to take the bus by himself. The driver saw the card on his chest and called to find it. That time, he slept in the ditch on a snowy day by himself all night, and his whole body was soaked. Then after 16 years or so, my legs and feet could not run.

I sometimes think that except my grandfather, I can accept other elderly people who have this disease. He is a very decent person in his bones. He went to a private school, but he has always been in a down situation since he was born. My grandfather's mother died. At that time, my mother said that my grandfather lost his hair overnight. At that time, the old lady was in her 60s and was hit by someone riding a bicycle at the door. The old lady also told others that you should go to work soon and I was fine, but she died within a few days. The old lady is also a very delicate person. Every year when she feels bad, she goes to the hospital for slings to recuperate, but she is still thinking about others at the last moment after being hit by someone. The only person who belonged to my grandfather's world died like this, which was a huge blow. But the accident came earlier than tomorrow. Not long after the son and daughter got married, they left one after another because of illness. After successive blows, my grandfather began to drink a glass of wine for breakfast, and my mother changed from a carefree second sister to a pillar. The whole family is not good at expressing feelings. My grandfather is particularly stubborn, and there is no way to communicate. My mother has always misunderstood that my grandfather did not actively treat my aunt. A few years ago, my grandfather suddenly said to me, "I miss my daughter very much, too. I miss my son." After hearing that my mother was ill, my grandfather suddenly said sadly that the family had broken up. Powerless life, before I got sick, I always thought that my grandfather was the most unlikely person to be knocked down, and the strongest was just like his name "Dazheng", but I didn't expect this disease to make people more powerless.

11 years, 81 years old, I saw him lying on the bed, I don't know what to say, this time I went back and called him, he stretched his head and froze, called my name, and said it was his granddaughter, but I'll talk to him at night. When I went, I still couldn't recognize it, and everyone couldn't recognize it. The only communication is that people will ask him, "Do you remember me?" "Who am I?", but he can't answer this. I resist this kind of dialogue but I don't know what to say. Sometimes When my mother asks such a question, my grandfather will say "don't make me happy" seriously and angrily. Even if his brain declines like this, he doesn't allow anyone other than my grandmother to take care of him, and now he's slowly accepting my mother to change his clothes. My mother always says it doesn't matter, I'm your daughter, it doesn't matter.

My mother often said that if she got this disease, she would take sleeping pills, but the people who are really sick are likely to be like Alice in the film but there is no way to end it by herself.

The title of the film is Still Alice. I miss my grandfather very much. Although he is still alive, he is no longer him.

It is hoped that medical technology can break through this disease as soon as possible, and that there are some places where people who are sick can live a dignified life can be perfected and popularized as soon as possible.

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