All lovers in the world are brothers and sisters! ! !

Green 2022-04-19 09:01:49

In August, the streets and alleys were full of posters for this movie. It was the image of a city. On the left, the heroine was on the right. I wanted to watch it at that time~~ I

went to the theater to watch it today, it was really good, the plot was pretty Jing Min, the special effects are also good. There are a few small places that are quite disgusting, such as the dog that appeared in the hostess' house. . .

The heroine's mother is really familiar. Isn't this the Queen Mother of Cersei~~~~ The other actors don't recognize it very well. . But they all look good~~~

The heroine's mother was attacked. She didn't seem to take out the Holy Grail. What was it that she drank?

The female protagonist was injured in the back, and the male protagonist took them back to the academy. The female protagonist said, "Shouldn't you tear off your clothes and bandage my wounds at this time?" The male protagonist said, "Just tell me if you want to see me take off my clothes." Haha , the black-bellied male protagonist ah the

male protagonist celebrates the female protagonist's birthday, the flowers in the garden are very beautiful~~~ I like this special effect~~~~

It seems a bit strange after that, seeing the male and female protagonists actually When I was the same father, I just wanted to say, is the curse come true, all lovers in the world are brothers and sisters who have been separated for many years? !

The father of the two of them, how could such a powerful mutant boss be easily overtaken by the two of them. . .

There should be a next movie, right? Otherwise, what would you do with so much suspense?

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