Jonathan Mayers I Love U Since Mission Impossible 3!

Korey 2022-04-19 09:01:49

Jonathan my god!
I found that I was really stupid.
When I was in junior high school, I fell in love with Jonathan when I watched Mission: Impossible 3!
Towards the end of August Rush!
But then I seem to have forgotten about this person.
When I was watching Dracula recently, I said how could this man be so handsome and fall in love with Jonathan again!
It wasn't until I watched this second-rate movie today when I checked the cast list that I found out that this is Jonathan I've always loved!
Falling in love once is not enough to fall in love again!
But that feeling is completely ruined by Lily Collins and her crappy film.
I'm really complaining about powerlessness.
The Holy Grail is such a sacred artifact that you can be destroyed like this...
I've always had a dislike for this woman.
I don't think she looks good either.
It is said that she is also the number one object of masturbation by otaku in North America.
This movie is all kinds of bugs...
but I'm still too brainless to give me Jonathan five stars!

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Extended Reading
  • Marty 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    Totally boring, not as good as Twilight, Twilight can at least watch and complain, this... ugh, so jealous of Lily Collins' eyebrows...

  • Don 2021-11-29 08:01:21

    I saw half of the movie last night. If I watch 10 minutes later, I will see the weird image of Gao Yixiang, who came to Hollywood for the first time, wearing a white shirt, naked body and high heels. The movie is not a good movie. It tells a magical story of a lover becoming a brother and sister. Outside of the movie, they are even more emotional. Lily and Jamie have reunited and separated several times. Gao Yixiang, who has the ability to seal memory, will always stop in our memory today.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones quotes

  • Jace Wayland: For the record, my hair is naturally blonde.

  • Jace Wayland: Next time, it might be a nice idea to mention that you already have a man in your bed, so we can avoid such uncomfortable situations.

    Simon Lewis: You invited him to bed?

    Jace Wayland: I know, it's ridiculous, isn't it? We would never have all fit.

    Clary Fray: I didn't invite him into bed. We were just kissing.

    Jace Wayland: How swiftly you dismiss our love.