This is actually a family farce with a good-looking family

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This film tells us that only good-looking people can save the world. The farce of the dog-blood family has led to the death and injury of people from all walks of life. The
male master of the Demon Hunter family is obsessed with work and ignores the mistress. The mistress took her daughter and ran away with a werewolf. When she was older, her mother forgot to take her for brainwashing. She accidentally discovered her superpowers and let her handsome brother come to the door. After several twists and turns, her daughter fell in love with her handsome brother, but her brother's male colleague had a crush on her brother. Although the girl didn't know that the handsome blond guy was her brother at this time, it didn't prevent her boyfriend from fighting with the handsome brother, so the girl had the ability to get things through the comics, and the girl's handsome father came and told them both" In fact, you are brothers and sisters!" Then it turned into a father and son fighting against each other, and then the son and daughter worked together to kill the evil father, and then the girl still refused the boyfriend who loved her to be with the handsome brother, and it was over.

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  • Jace Wayland: For the record, my hair is naturally blonde.

  • Jace Wayland: Next time, it might be a nice idea to mention that you already have a man in your bed, so we can avoid such uncomfortable situations.

    Simon Lewis: You invited him to bed?

    Jace Wayland: I know, it's ridiculous, isn't it? We would never have all fit.

    Clary Fray: I didn't invite him into bed. We were just kissing.

    Jace Wayland: How swiftly you dismiss our love.