Waiting for the second part

Hunter 2022-04-20 09:01:40

It was good at the beginning, the little beauty's life was disrupted by a symbol, and Qingmei went to the bar to witness the murder, although I still haven't understood that there is such a symbol on the signboard of the Shenma Bar. Then she met the murderous handsome guy and found that the door to the new world was open to her. Before asking anything, she found that her mother was in danger, and she ran back all the way. On the other hand, my mother was very aggrieved, although I didn't understand that since she could knock a bad guy unconscious with a single pan, she would just kill him with a knife and swallow the poison herself to show that she would rather die than give up. When my mother doesn't answer the phone, could it be menopause?
Then the beauty in the kitchen fighting the devil dog is very beautiful. The heroine is all smart, and the best part is that the hero is really domineering and mighty when he falls from the sky at the critical moment. Later, they formed a team to return to the academy, and only after waking up did they realize that they had shouldered a heavy responsibility. In order to protect the peace of mankind, they were a mixture of angels and humans, and they also had a name like Shadow Hunter. Her mother wasn't a mortal either, but one of the most powerful hunters out there with the Holy Grail.
Then I went to find a wizard, and even had to change clothes, and the wizard himself turned out to be a fashionista who only wore boxers, and also liked the blue-eyed Xiaoshou who had a crush on the handsome male lead. After that, the vampire took Qingmei to seduce the heroine, and wanted to catch her and ask about the Holy Grail, although I still don't understand what the Holy Grail is good for vampires, can I drink it without constipation?
The next midnight birthday celebrations are really all kinds of dreams, a bit like Avatar, and it's worth the ticket price when you see it. I thought they would be together after the kiss. As a result, Qingmei woke up sadly, the male protagonist was about to directly say that he was responsible for me, and the female protagonist wanted to shirk. Please, please choose one of the two handsome guys, it’s a waste of time to be so tangled, and the world is waiting for you to save it, dear. . . . There is a kind of Qiong Yao feeling, really.
It's really amazing to mention the heroine's ability, which is one of the highlights.
The most bloody thing has come. The most outstanding dean turned out to be a traitor, and the biggest villain turned out to be the heroine's father. The strong ability is shown in that he can summon a demon by drawing a pentagram, and drop a little blood on the girl. The Lord can become a superman by drinking it. Another pot of blood was poured over, and the stern father of the male protagonist's memory turned out to be the villain. Back then, the mother gave birth to brothers and sisters.
I finally understand where the curse of the world's lovers becoming brothers and sisters comes from, why the father and son cannibalize each other, why the father and daughter fight, it's all because of the Holy Grail, and in the end, it was the brothers and sisters who joined forces to send the father to a different time and space , Qingmei was also rejected, the mother was still asleep, and the siblings still had knots in their hearts, but they didn't believe it, and life continued.
So wait for the second part, if you can't fill in the bug, then the film's use of special effects and fantasy weapons is really a failure.

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