We are so envious of crazy people and things

Vinnie 2022-04-19 09:01:48

This is a very hypocritical and nonsense movie, and the plot has developed towards unreliable from the beginning. From the time the major was seriously practicing wall penetration, we knew that this movie was quite a piece of crap.
The New Earth Army, conquering the world with love and kindness, mind control, acupuncture, Force, Jedi Knights... The whole is a hodgepodge of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign strange forces. A pitiful little reporter who screwed up both his love and career; a crazy and unreliable uncle who believes in Jedi Bushido; two live treasures staged a lively drama for us.
From the tedious work and condescending attitude of a young reporter, to his superb wife and his wife's lover, we can't help but let us first put up the middle finger-----day, buddy, this is life. After all, it is impossible for everyone to be a successful person, and there are many Bill Gates. Born in this fucking era and society, what else can we do?
So, like every frustrated man, our little reporter, driven by alcohol and hormones, resolutely decided to go to the military for thousands of miles - to go to Iraq to experience the baptism of blood and sand, so as to prove that he is a pure man. The tragedy has since kicked off. Even Xiaoshenyang and the like dare to blatantly claim to be a pure man's era. It is undoubtedly very impulsive and irrational to use this retro method to prove that he is a pure man. At least from a commercial point of view, the cost is very high, and the success rate is extremely low. For this reason, we can refer to Spanish Cervantes' thesis "Don Quixote", the student has conducted in-depth research on this topic hundreds of years ago and passed the defense...
Uh... The book is back to the original story, the little reporter came to Kuwait, the pearl in the desert, with a lost heart, ready to go to Iraq to charge into battle and risk his life to be a heroic war correspondent for justice. Estimates such as "In the middle of the night in the dark desert, with tracer rounds rising from time to time, and scattered gunfire on the front lines, I huddled in a traffic ditch, lying on a military tarpaulin full of bullet holes, writing in the dim light of the tracer rounds. The following report...""The wind in the desert smells of blood and fire... A burst of heavy machine gun fire came like a torrential rain, a bullet swooped behind my ear, and I smelled a A strong smell of sulphur, and another bullet neatly cut a perfectly round hole in my wartime notebook..." Such an exciting, blood-warming sentence that shows the author's steel and iron's calmness is at least brewing. hundreds of. But the reality is cruel. Our little reporter lived in Kuwait for a month or two without getting in. During this period, I weakly called my ex-wife. (Uh, shame, some pure men are unwilling to face the woman who betrayed them until their death, they would rather be wrapped up in the national flag by six honor guards. I got off the plane and let those heartless and feisty women scream and hold the corpse and the national flag and wipe their nose and tears...) —————— At this point in the film, we can only sigh: Real life is so fucked and boring!
Then George Clooney debuted in a low-key manner. As soon as he appeared, he had the power to turn corruption into magic, and the tone of the film began to gradually go crazy. This uncle came to the two river basins where wars were still frequent with the heart of benefiting the common people, under the guise of selling trash cans (presumably also recyclable green products). Possessing all kinds of stunts, he never forgets to save the earth and support the great cause of justice. His tall image, forgive me for making an inappropriate analogy: the tattoo on his chest reminds me of the blue wolf head on Qiao Feng's chest. Hidden and hidden in the city, the act of being hidden in the city reminds me of the old monk who swept the floor in Shaolin Temple and... I often say, "Little brother, I see that you have a beautiful skeleton and a profound blessing. The heavy responsibility falls on you... "The martial artist who was the opening remark...
In short, after the two hooked up, they hit it off and went to the epic Iraqi battlefield together. I don't respect it. It's a guess that the little reporter hugged this precious uncle who was invulnerable to swords and bullets because of his timidity.
Two people stumbled and bumped in the desert, and I don't think they could walk 10 kilometers properly. From the uncle's toilet-like solar-powered pure green stove, which absorbed the essence of the sun for a day and did not bake a patty; to a group of enthusiastic and cute kidnappers kidnapping two living treasures; and the superb American Commodity buyer; the most nonsense is the scene of two groups of bodyguards fighting at the gas station. It is described as a battle where "everyone screams like a loli with a gun". It is estimated that the pure man dream of a little reporter almost completely destroyed. On the battlefield of the 21st century, there are no bloody men sweating and fighting each other. There are only a group of idiots with submachine guns. As soon as they see a stranger approaching, they start screaming and shooting like a woman, and then desperately call for help, calling for another person. A bunch of idiots sitting behind computers and dashboards, working efficiently to create a corpse and rubble. The two people hugged each other, and another miserable unfortunate Uncle Mohammed they met on the way led them miraculously through the hail of bullets and settled in their looted home. Three men with nothing, sitting around the table, I almost burst into tears when I saw them, the green color on the faces of the three men was almost dripping. It is extremely ironic that, as a member of the Americans who came to "liberate" and help the Iraqi people, the little reporter and the uncle of the gods have to rely on the help of the uncle Muhammad, who was ruined by the "German politics" of the US military, Just got a broken Toyota. Brother Mohammed's sad eyes when parting, let alone sheep, I guess pigs and dogs will be killed. At this point, the glory and greatness of war have left us, leaving only absurdity and meaninglessness.
There are some memories of the uncle's past interspersed between them, which outlines the ordinary and great life of the uncle in a simple and clear way, which makes us have to sigh once again that the era we live in is an era of great people. The introduction and elaboration of the New Earth Army and the Jedi Knights made love and courage shine in our long-lost bright hearts...
That... Let's not gossip, say that the two came to a crossroads with high mountains and road limits, and the two hesitated. The person hesitated for half an hour, and finally the uncle used a high-level special ability called "intuition" and chose a... uh, that what... way...
I'll admit, watching the broken Toyota sway along the blurry road in the desert with the music playing in the background, I feel a little bit like watching a 70s road movie. The feeling of wayward travel was so strong...until an unpredictable landmine neatly flipped that broken Toyota over in a graceful arc and fell to the sand...
then the two of them roamed the desert, The uncle is still obsessed with his mysterious mission. The young reporter thinks this is pure nonsense. Seeing that he is going to die in the boundless desert, he is still thinking about the mission and mission that is not there. But at this time, the young reporter is a little envious of the uncle, because "he believes in one thing so much, even if he dies for it, that is what he has always wanted. He wants to believe in certain things and make his life meaningful" I think the director has been acting crazy and selling stupid, funny and tossing, until here he spit out a human sentence, everything in front of the relationship is a foreshadowing. Precisely because the front has been pretending to be crazy and selling stupid, and suddenly being serious here, it makes people more meaningful. It's like some lunatics and fools in real life who are crazy all day long and don't answer what they ask, but they occasionally tell the truth in a serious way, but they are more philosophical, meaningful, and a bit wise and foolish.
I can't remember when I heard people say that pure belief, even if it is feudal superstition, as long as someone sincerely believes in it, there is a kind of moving power. The power of this "letter" is really touching. No matter how ridiculous a theory, as long as someone really believes it, and has always defended it and used it as a guide to behavior, it is enough to make people awe-inspiring. It means that pure belief is something that, in our utilitarian, secular society, originally It's a luxury. We have been indoctrinated with too many things, which are contradictory, full of loopholes, accusing each other, and contradicting each other. Those who instill these things in us are either duplicitous, disobedient, or self-righteous and shameless. As a result, we have heard more theories and theories than any era in history, but less faith and adherence than any era in history. It can be seen that the crisis of belief is not only a problem in China, but also in God and Muhammad. It has long been dug up by science. All we are left with is a bunch of self-deceiving preachers and a huge crowd full of skepticism.
One question remains, why kill a sheep with eyes? Dogs and pigs?
Regarding dogs, it is said in the film that many soldiers could not bear to attack this kind of "friends of human beings" (I suddenly have the urge to eat dog meat...) I think it is unkind to fear that dogs will bite, and carnivorous animals The spiritual power of the animal must be stronger than that of herbivores... Human beings are nothing but omnivores... As for pigs, there is no guarantee that some people will not turn their eyes to pigs and develop feelings for each other... Besides, pigs generally just lie on the ground diligently to look for each other. Shi, who has the time to meet people's eyes...
Jesus called believers "the Lamb of God", and ancient Chinese called officials "shepherds". It can be seen that they all regarded the general public as sheep. Sheep, a widely-breeding herbivore, have been more widely bred and slaughtered by humans since ancient times. The sheep in the film are also euphemistically called "treated" and can't even make a sound. They are also good materials for practicing knives. They don't even give a happy death. Pick up, don't even call! !
At the end of the film, a group of people and sheep climax together, and the two Jedi knights shouted "the power of love" to drug the base and release a group of prisoners of war who were mentally abused and psychologically tortured (mapped). Guantanamo?) Even a flock of docile and silent sheep was released, and the entire base became a big stage for hippies. Although it is more like a farce, I think that Uncle Clooney must have stepped out of the shadow of being "pointed to the dead", completed his Jedi Knighthood, and achieved his great cause of saving the earth... Maybe many things, just like that, It doesn't depend on how others see it, but more on how you see it yourself. And, often, it's how you see yourself that matters.
In the end, the whole incident was blocked, and a pink dinosaur went to teach the prisoners to sing the song of love... It's not worth it for them, this is not only mental torture, but also intellectual contempt and racial persecution... The host also said that the parents also I won't object... Are all the children being tossed like this... tragic...
I really like the last one through the wall, leaving a little real absurdity and giving a nonsense, but the humble hope makes us believe—— Although, we may have lost our hearts to believe...

After writing, I found out that I am a super spoiler...
Then, what I said above is all false, don't believe it...

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    "Peace and love"-Fountains Of Wayne

The Men Who Stare at Goats quotes

  • Bob Wilton: Bill? Lyn told me he didn't deserve this eagle feather. He wanted me to give it back to you.

    Bill Django: It's fake.

    Bob Wilton: What?

    Bill Django: This one's off a turkey.

  • Lyn Cassady: While recovering in the hospital, Bill wrote to the Vice Chief of Staff for the Army, explaining that he wanted to go on a fact-finding mission... to explore alternative combat tactics. The Pentagon agreed to pay his salary and expenses. What Bill hadn't told the Pentagon was that he was really looking for the answer to his vision. How could his men's gentleness, their general lack of interest in killing people, be turned into a strength? How could love and peace help win wars? Bill knew where to go to find out. Bill disappeared into the New Age Movement for six years.

    Lyn Cassady: [Continues talking while various images of Bill's experiences with New Age Movement are shown] Like all Shaman before him, he had traversed the wilderness. Now he was returning to his people, a changed man. He brought with him his confidential report, which he called: "The New Earth Army manual." The New Earth Army is a banner under which the forces of good can gather. The courage and nobility of the Warrior, blended with the spirituality of the Monk. The Jedi Warrior will follow in the footsteps of the great imagineers of the past: Jesus Christ, Lao Tse Tung, Walt Disney. The role of The New Earth Army is to resolve conflict world-wide. Jedis will parachute into war zones, utilizing sparkly eyes technique, carrying symbolic flowers and animals, playing indigenous music and words of peace...

    Bob Wilton: What's... What's the sparkly eyes technique?