Look calmly, walk calmly.

Abdiel 2022-04-19 09:01:48

I feel that the performances of these big names are getting more and more calm now, and they no longer need to cry, make a lot of noise, and make their characters as plump as the palace ladies of the Tang Dynasty. It has to be said that the films that these actors participated in are the bronzing labels of "Impossible to Be Boring".

The choice of story theme is good. War and special forces have always been popular and easy to show themes, such as "The Hurt Locker". However, the troops in this film are not responsible for bomb disposal, and their profession is nonsense. In fact, as more and more people with pain in their eggs, hope that human beings are not only small and incompetent as they are now, they hope from the times of peace to the times of war, and continue to do this in the times of peace, which is beneficial to the health of the brain yy , In fact, this is the "renewal period" that appears in the evolution of human beings to a certain extent. Humans always have troubles, so they either leave this trouble to God, or leave it to themselves. When they are powerless, they begin to fantasize that they will have special abilities, so that they can take care of their sisters. , buy a house, do not hang the subject and harmonious sensitive words.

In fact, what the film expresses is the helplessness of people, whether they are soldiers or not, this kind of thing will happen and will not stop, such as "the infinite possibilities of human beings", only the otaku of the Japanese country can The evolutionary nirvana that will believe is just a rebirth. And the most real and most eternal, is not power, money and the opposite sex?

Therefore, researchers in biological disciplines such as me should speed up the pace and tell everyone that the human race is over, and no matter how long it takes to have so-called superpowers, yes, no matter how much money you spend, no matter how expensive you eat supplements. The powerful always oppress the weak. This is the real "superpower". A creature with an IQ of less than 200 on a mere small planet, where are there so many truths and insights into life? So, let's look at the world honestly and calmly, and then leave calmly.

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    Excellent acting skills are enough

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    If it weren't for the fact that there are 1,000 cute sellers, enough for the film itself to be 1.5 stars, the interspersed memories disturb the rhythm of the whole film, the Iraqi drama is not thrilling enough, the jokes are not entertaining enough, the two leading actors are a little bit down on their bad looks, and the characterization is not good enough. Missing a bit of stupidity, the plot is nothing new

The Men Who Stare at Goats quotes

  • Bob Wilton: Bill? Lyn told me he didn't deserve this eagle feather. He wanted me to give it back to you.

    Bill Django: It's fake.

    Bob Wilton: What?

    Bill Django: This one's off a turkey.

  • Lyn Cassady: While recovering in the hospital, Bill wrote to the Vice Chief of Staff for the Army, explaining that he wanted to go on a fact-finding mission... to explore alternative combat tactics. The Pentagon agreed to pay his salary and expenses. What Bill hadn't told the Pentagon was that he was really looking for the answer to his vision. How could his men's gentleness, their general lack of interest in killing people, be turned into a strength? How could love and peace help win wars? Bill knew where to go to find out. Bill disappeared into the New Age Movement for six years.

    Lyn Cassady: [Continues talking while various images of Bill's experiences with New Age Movement are shown] Like all Shaman before him, he had traversed the wilderness. Now he was returning to his people, a changed man. He brought with him his confidential report, which he called: "The New Earth Army manual." The New Earth Army is a banner under which the forces of good can gather. The courage and nobility of the Warrior, blended with the spirituality of the Monk. The Jedi Warrior will follow in the footsteps of the great imagineers of the past: Jesus Christ, Lao Tse Tung, Walt Disney. The role of The New Earth Army is to resolve conflict world-wide. Jedis will parachute into war zones, utilizing sparkly eyes technique, carrying symbolic flowers and animals, playing indigenous music and words of peace...

    Bob Wilton: What's... What's the sparkly eyes technique?