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Tremaine 2022-08-01 14:28:19

What? There's a new movie out? What? Or is it the latest street shooting goddess, Lily Collins? What? Is there Gao Yixiang in it? Go check it out! The first thing I did after watching it was to ask myself: for 2 hours, I lay on my stomach beside the bed and watched. What did I watch?

Nima, what monsters is the movie about? damon? That's not the name of the Vampire Diaries Boy! Look further down, dig a groove. This movie is fast-paced! ! I haven't figured out what's going on in the story. Why did I start the battle mode? There is a lot of monster fried chicken in it! Vampires, werewolves, warlocks, this is a hodgepodge! What is Clave? Valentine's Day is not Valentine's Day. Why is it an enemy again? Lily's mother clearly liked it when she watched the relationship between the four corners. How did she disappear after a few minutes of soy sauce? He disappeared after drinking a mini-drink!

When Gao Yixiang came out, I was dumbfounded that I hadn't seen it! Brother Yixiang, you are not a model! Isn't it a high-end atmosphere and a high-grade route? What are you doing in the movie? It's like the male prostitutes in GV, wearing a suit naked and showing chicken to Lily! ! ! You're still doing witchcraft! ! ! Are you worthy of other black wizards? What's up with your eyeshadow? is to pay tribute to Chen Hao's eye shadow emperor! ! ! Could it be that the makeup artist of this play has also seen TVB's Liu Sanhao?

The male pig looks very pleasing to the eye, and looks like my dish! Hahaha! ! But what is the boy pig brother doing? Inexplicably, I hate the heroine! The result is a crush! In this era, we must develop basic love in all movies. Can't there be some pure friendship between men and women? Be sure to pick up soap from each other.

The biggest bugs in this play are the male and female protagonists! This world must be full of malice, according to Mao!It's obvious that people are talented and talented, they clearly like each other, and they even have kisses. The screenwriter has a shitty brain! Arrange people to be brothers and sisters! This is to give single people like us some psychological comfort when Singles Day comes! Thanks! ! Since I was a child, I've liked watching Hi Pi Nails, so I can't get some good ones! funeral! ! heart!! sick!! furious!!

Lily, I don't want to talk about it. Except for the beginning, the whole play is dressed like a street girl. Not everyone wears leather shirts, leather pants, and leather boots! She looks like a loli, even if she has the biggest thick eyebrows in the universe, and her self-righteous punk style makes me basically unable to see her figure in the movies that are originally black! Basically, you can only find where Lily is from the reflection of the light! (Hehe, but Jamie won't, because he is so handsome! He has a good figure! He has a beautiful face! Hehe)

The whole play doesn't emphasize comedy, and I'm laughing like crazy! Lily told her werewolf pal to stick her head out the window if she wanted to. Jiyou said seriously, Lao Tzu TM is a werewolf, not a golden retriever! ! This is so touching! My stomach hurts from laughing! (Forgive my low laughter.) Alright, alright, I can't vomit anymore. In fact, in terms of special effects, this is still a good movie. It's a good movie. Um, eh, (I'm self-comforting! It's official for Mao's appearance. (The visual sense!) Although the plot is not satisfactory, the special effects are still good. After all, it is an American blockbuster. (Who wants to watch the special effects in TM?) The plot is the key point! This can also be called an American blockbuster; it is obviously an American brain-damaged movie!!)

The only good thing is that I have a new nympho object! Jamie!! A whole body of tender meat! Ecstasy with a London accent! The face is also seen! Du Niang found out that he actually played Twilight and was the ancestor of Italy! Shit, why didn't I find out that he was so spicy? Also, he is engaged, and he is engaged to Ginny in Harry Potter! OMG!!! So young to marry!!!! OK, this is the film review. This is the first time I've written it, not for anyone to see, but at home alone. No one could let me spit after reading it. Okay, it's time to wash and

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  • Antonette 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    It turned out to be Gao Yixiang... Well, when I saw the trailer, I decided that I must watch it for the male lead. After watching it, I thought it was really wise. It really is a film that only handsome guys and beauties can watch. When did Meiying like to play the trick that all lovers are brothers and sisters? Can the male male triangle not be so cannon fodder? Anyway, I will still watch the next one - I bet they are not brothers and sisters...

  • Haley 2022-03-29 09:01:02

    Bad movie, uncomfortable to watch on the dark background

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