"The Holy Grail Artifact: City of Bones": A family that loves and kills each other!

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"The Holy Grail Artifact: City of Bones": A family that loves and kills each other!

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Diaosi secretly loves a girl, a girl secretly loves a handsome guy, a handsome guy is secretly in love with a friend, a handsome guy and a girl love and kiss each other, the girl finds out that the villain is his father, and the handsome guy finds out that the villain is also his father, you! sister! what! In the end, the girl found out that the villain is not her father, wait, they still can't be together like Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan, because they are still the same mother, you! sister! what! This is the Hollywood Qiong Yao-style youth fantasy film "The Holy Grail Artifact: City of Bones".

The "Harry Potter" series and the "Twilight" series have been very popular at the box office and have given birth to a spectacular trend of youthful fantasy films in Hollywood. Love, especially in 2013, there were many films such as "Flesh and Blood", "Jack the Giant Catcher", "Host", "The Holy Grail Artifact: City of Bones" and so on. In particular, "The Holy Grail: City of Bones" is simply a collection of classic settings from "Harry Potter" and "Twilight". The film also has a background setting of an "alternate world". In order to help humans defeat evil spirits, the angel Russell puts his blood into the Holy Grail, and those who drink it will become "shadow hunters" who are half human and half angel. ", has a powerful super ability to fight monsters, but one of them, "Shadow Hunter" Valentine, is very ambitious, trying to use the powerful power of the Holy Grail to rule the world. Moreover, the heroine Clare was originally just a mortal, but she was told that her true identity was a talented "shadow hunter", and she almost had a lightning scar carved on her forehead! And her superpowers are against the sky, and she will unconsciously draw powerful spells that she never understands, and she is inextricably linked with the villain BOSS Valentine, which is similar to Harry Potter and Voldemort. relationship setting.

The setting of the emotional relationship in this film is even more familiar with the essence of polyamorous love and emotional chaos in the youth fantasy film. The heroine not only has the conventional triangle configuration of true love and spare tire, but also designed a man who has been secretly in love with him for the hero. Good friends, this should be the first time that a Hollywood youth fantasy film has a gay emotional relationship setting. Of course, the most extreme is the setting of the brother-sister relationship between the male and female protagonists. Isn't the relationship between the two of them suspected of incest? And this is also a magical version of "Where Are We Going, Dad", the villain BOSS Valentine is actually the father of the hero and heroine, although the final film hints that Clary's father may not be Valentine, because she has neither Valentine's Possessing stronger superpowers, her real father is likely to be the angel Russell who is "only known but unknown". The battle at the end was staged between the three father and daughter, and it could also be called a family drama that loves and kills each other.

Since several races such as shadow hunters, evil spirits, werewolves, and vampires are set in the film, the action styles also show their different characteristics. Shadow hunters and vampires are basically humanoid states and martial arts masters. It relies more on the power of weapons. As long as the weapon is inserted into the vital point of the evil spirit, the evil spirit will be wiped out. The evil spirits are transformed into a demon attack mode, gradually changing from a vicious dog form to an extremely disgusting mutant creature similar to the one in "Resident Evil", or from the form of a number of crows that gradually converge to come and go without a trace gigantic demon. The werewolf's attack mode is nothing new, it is the common beast-type attack mode that turns from a man into a wolf. This attack mode seems to be very effective for vampires, but it can only be beaten for evil spirits. As for the computer special effects film, it is not used too much, it is mainly used in the transformation of evil spirits, and the gate of time and space that can be played through. Fighting does not rely heavily on special effects to enhance the effect, but mainly through a one-by-one kung fu duel.

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