Awards Season Movies - "Deep Ocean": Wasted Theme and Casts

Scarlett 2022-04-19 09:01:49

A very ordinary movie. The mediocre ones don't even know what to comment. Maybe it's the kind of "no-impression movie" for me. It's better to spend time reading the three novels "Robinson Crusoe", "Moby Dick" and "Youth Pie".

Those with deep-sea phobia are not recommended to watch it. The feeling is as shown below.

I'm sure I'm not the only viewer unhappy with the special effects. Can't find a good position for photography? There are many lenses stained with water droplets. The 1:1 lens of Haitian and the sound effect of the waves are very uncomfortable to watch. The grand scene of Moby Dick should be the highlight, but too little is too much to watch. The soundtrack doesn't feel that there is any bright spot, a typical academic style.

Chris Hemsworth is the only one who looks good, but he doesn't like it. The portrayal of the characters in the script is still a little thin, after all, it has to take care of the play space of the two roles of the little boy and the captain. The martial arts drama was suppressed by the whale shipwreck, and the literary drama was thin and unattractive. But I have to say that Brother Hammer's acting skills have improved a lot, and the movie resources are getting better and better. It's not easy to break free from the stereotypical heroic comic book image of the Marvel series. Hope to have a more suitable book to help it play in the future.

This film reflects Ang Lee's hard power: how to close the ending well, how to make people think aftertaste. "The Boys" is truly a masterpiece. "Moby Dick" is originally a story that can be played to the level of gods, but the film tells the story smoothly and smoothly, which is a bit regretful for this theme.

It's hard for a movie to do anything in awards season... brush up on nominations

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In the Heart of the Sea quotes

  • Paul Mason: Blood, Mr. Chase. You can have all the voyages under your belt you want, but blood will always win out.

    Owen Coffin: Yes, well, blood is not gonna fill a ship with oil, Mr. Mason.

  • Pollard Senior: To be a captain, you cannot be a friend. You are their superior. Never forget that. Never let *them* forget it.

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