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In 1513, the Spaniard Balboa led his team through the endless swamps and virgin forests. More than half of his teammates died of disease, starvation and conflicts with the locals. On September 25, they climbed a mountain and saw the Pacific Ocean. Balboa rushed in front of the main force and planted the banner of the Spanish royal family on this unfamiliar land. He himself became the first person in Europe to see the two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) surrounding the earth at the same time. .

This man, who was regarded as a bandit and a rebel by the Spanish royal family, resolutely devoted himself to the most dangerous career in order to escape the guillotine - ocean voyage. From the moment he discovered the Pacific Ocean, he transformed himself into the greatest explorer and hero in Europe, and truly realized dream of "seeking refuge in an immortal cause".
However, the halo of victory did not favor Balboa for a long time, and his deputy Pizarro killed him. Pizarro could not read a single character, but his ambitions were no less than Balboa's. He led his army of gangsters into the jungles of South America, conquered the Inca Empire, and laid the foundations of modern Peru.
The heroic character is manifested by the ocean, but in fact, the so-called hero is probably just the title of the historical narrator with a strong subjective color. The purpose can be to avoid disaster, or it can be purely for money, such as the protagonist of this film.

More than 300 years have passed, and came to 1820, which was the peak of the first industrial revolution. At that time, oil had not yet been discovered, and whale oil was widely used in industrial production and daily life. The whaling business was in full swing, and offshore whales were quickly killed by fishermen. Clean, people will look into the depths of the vast ocean.
It is impossible for individual fishermen to complete ocean hunting. It needs a strong enough ship, a brave and fearless team, and a huge supply of materials. Of course, the most important thing is to have strong financial support. Therefore, ocean-going companies specializing in the whaling business came into being.
But even such a company can't form a regular team, because in the United States, which has just been founded more than 40 years ago, those willing to take risks and voyages are all desperadoes, including thieves, murderers, and rapists. No different from the Mayflower. But it doesn't matter, it's enough to have a captain from a family of sailors on this boat, a first mate with rich experience at sea and his good brother.

Nothing is more cohesive than money. The whaling ship swayed in the strong wind and waves, the mast was broken, and the canvas was torn apart, all of which could not stop the determination of everyone to go to the sea where the whales gathered. But when human beings are in the deep ocean, the deck under their feet becomes their biggest weakness. A giant sperm whale with scars knows this well and destroys the whaling ship with mature tactics. The crew can only rely on lifeboats. The South Atlantic is drifting, Gouquan survives.
Due to the limited materials that were rescued when the ship was destroyed, the food ran out within a few days, so the most cruel question came - what to eat? According to industry rules, eat people. Who to eat? Draw lots.
The selected people are executed, then their limbs are cut off, their internal organs are dug out, and the rest are given to eat...Imagine it for myself, I won't go into details.
When they returned to the North American continent more than a year later, the people on the dock were not cheering because they did not see a ship full of whale oil.

In fact, in terms of individual behavior, the male protagonist of this film is the same as Balboa, or even better, but Balboa's discovery opened the journey of Europe to the Pacific Ocean, which is of great epoch-making significance. When looking back 500 years later History, we will feel that his life is full of romantic personal heroism, and the hero of this film just saved his life.

The director did not give the protagonist a lofty personality, he just seemed to be a very upright man who cared about his family. In the face of the huge ugly scars and cloudy eyes of the sperm whale, the male protagonist did not throw out the iron gun in his hand. It seems that the concept of environmental protection is implied here, but in the distant 1821, I don't think a whaler in a desperate situation would There is this idea. Let's just think that the protagonist and it are "sympathetic", because they are both in an extremely unsafe situation, and they have nothing else in front of them, but just want to retreat.
Under the influence of this state of mind, the main theme of the film - failure is also a hero, and driving the protagonist to insist on telling the truth in the face of the temptation of money - is equivalent to insisting on his own failure. This kind of inner integrity may take more courage than the wind and waves and unfamiliar waters, but when 500 years have passed, it means nothing to me as much as a flag on the junction of the Atlantic and the Pacific.
The director's various designs have made the protagonist very low, and eventually become a man who is only satisfied with his wife and children's hot kang head. He looks like the skin of the 19th century, but his heart is the concept of the 21st century. His family has become a burden to him, which prevents him from becoming the Balboa of the whaling world.

Melville appears at the beginning and end of the film. The future famous writer was struggling to write a work that satisfied him, so he was willing to use all his savings in exchange for a good story, and he had this film.
In the end, Melville told the storyteller that what he was writing would be a fictional story. In his story, Captain Ahab dies in order to kill Moby Dick, the giant sperm whale (Moby Dick).
I think it would be a lot better if the movie could be set up like this, because it would inject romance into the movie. For now, it's just another pragmatic propaganda film about the mainstream American values ​​of inner integrity and family first. I didn't say that this value is bad, just to maintain this value and affect the spiritual context of the film is inappropriate.

Finally to sum up.
If the director can focus on excavating the dark corners of people's hearts, this film will be a good film;
if the director can focus on rendering the romantic feelings of the voyage, this film will be a good film.
For now, it's just a qualified commercial film - the wind and waves, the giant sperm whale smashing the boat, it's all thrilling, and the sound effects are so amazing that my hussars' wooden bass can't take it anymore.
As a film that was deliberately delayed for half a year and aimed to hit this year's Oscars, I'm sure it will fail.

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  • Paul Mason: Blood, Mr. Chase. You can have all the voyages under your belt you want, but blood will always win out.

    Owen Coffin: Yes, well, blood is not gonna fill a ship with oil, Mr. Mason.

  • Pollard Senior: To be a captain, you cannot be a friend. You are their superior. Never forget that. Never let *them* forget it.