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is adapted from Herman Melville's "Moby Dick", a marine epic with risks and benefits coexisting, all of which have confirmed the foundation of the innate blueprint of "Deep Ocean", but the tension of the film's characters Scarcity and deviation from propositional emphasis. It has never been able to form a kind of touching deeply held by the characters, and finally turned into a pale work that is neat in appearance, but not very surprising in the inside.

The development of the flashback technique makes the film have a fascinating story at the beginning, and in the unpredictable sea after that, relying on Hollywood's perfect film license, the bloody and true reproduction of the whaling process is undoubtedly a near-real restoration. As for the "Moby Dick", which could only be seen in words in the past, the most surprising part of the movie is the fierce battle between the giant whale and the human being. Whale tools are not worth mentioning in front of giant whales. It is extremely real and shocking to feel the stalwart of nature, but also the insignificance of human power. Until this time, the movie still has a very good plot and characters. control.

When the whaling ship was destroyed by a giant whale, the former whalers became shipwrecked, and survival became a more important factor than profit. ·Howard's "Deep Ocean" had a fault in content at this time. He just expressed the suffering of the seamen with a simple time node and the revenge of the giant whale, but this suffering was too expressive. Whether it is the chief mate played by Chris Hemsworth or the captain played by Benjamin Walker, in the hopeless sea, when the most urgent need to portray the soul of the characters, they have not been able to dedicate the human nature that can be remembered. Dou, just as scripted as scriptures, presents the pan-good sea disaster and suffering.

From the perspective of the contemporary era, Moby Dick is still a classic literary work, but it also has the limitations of its own times. It compares the giant whale to a symbol of natural cruelty, and the whalers The tragic life can no longer fit the audience's identification with the values, so director Ron Howard's adaptation of the original book focuses more on human beings' greedy reflection on nature, but the integration of this proposition has not been able to fit this old tradition. The environmental protection proposition is bluntly implanted into a self-adventurous story, and the lack of character tension makes it seem too abrupt, making the proposition of man and nature difficult to grasp reasonably deeply.

"Deep Ocean" is a movie with both deep and shallow depths. The adventure story of "Deep Ocean" is so fascinating, but the proposition of man and whale can only be tasted in the redundant.

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In the Heart of the Sea quotes

  • Paul Mason: Blood, Mr. Chase. You can have all the voyages under your belt you want, but blood will always win out.

    Owen Coffin: Yes, well, blood is not gonna fill a ship with oil, Mr. Mason.

  • Pollard Senior: To be a captain, you cannot be a friend. You are their superior. Never forget that. Never let *them* forget it.

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