The anti-capitalist propaganda of the whole play complements the protagonist's character and the acting skills of the hooligan.

Ivah 2022-04-19 09:01:49

At the beginning of the film, I was stunned by the acting skills of Thor Chris Hemsworth, and I soon saw the blunt environmental protection and class war preaching, so I repeatedly wondered whether it was because of preconceived prejudice that it was unappetizing everywhere. The following feelings may be affected by this. However, I still believe that most people will not think the film is wonderful.

[Little hooligan temperament]
The first mate played by Chris is a modern American, but he has a contemporary New York street temperament, or looks like a hooligan. Few people have seen live hooligans these days, unfortunately I have seen quite a few. That kind of complacent, nonchalant energy was brought to life by Chris, who played with ease as his true colors. Shaking to and fro when standing, without a straight shape—indicating that he is not restrained by upbringing; walking with his head extended forward, his body swaying sharply, and his shoulders swaying from side to side—protruding head is a rude threatening body language, shaking The shoulder may be meant to warn passersby to stay away. This is my observation of the street gangsters in my hometown many years ago. It seems that the spirit of the hooligan crosses nationalities.

I don't know what modern Americans are like, but it was an era of very conservative culture. If the performance was conservative, it would at least meet the reasonable expectations of the audience. Maybe the modern Americans are the hooligans, but there is no evidence and no clues. You can only fit the mainstream imagination of the ancients today, or create an original one with the cooperation of art, costumes, props and all the actors. Style, otherwise it can only be understood as chaos.

I read a post on Baidu Cold Weapon Bar two days ago, which just happens to be an excellent comment on this issue. The post said that the armor of the TV series "Viking Legends" does not conform to historical facts in many ways, but the chain armor, scale armor and self-created leather-faced metal pieces that are too rough to protect the body are in line with the audience's mystery about the Vikings, The imagination of brutal and pagan style, and the style of the whole play is coordinated and unified. Considering that the crew has put in a lot of research work, it can be considered that this is a deliberate artistic pursuit.

[The lecturing of the poor and poor skills of the donkey]
The mention of oil at the end of the film is obviously to guide the audience from whale oil to oil, so as to reflect with the director on the limitless needs of human beings. It's a very far-fetched connection, and extracting oil doesn't have to kill life. But this proves a didactic attempt. And the film's preaching intention is not only environmental protection, but also class contradictions. Even the huge size of the cetacean body will only be told bluntly with lines, and the skills of the donkey are poor. Regarding the size of the beluga whale, this film did not make the same mistake, but the underwater lens was used too much, which weakened the mystery, and did not show its size because there was no reference underwater.

The first mate's wife said that she didn't want to move to be next to those old-fashioned rich people. It has nothing to do with the subsequent plot, but rather reminded the audience to pay attention to the class gap between the first mate and the upper echelons of the whaling industry, and helped the audience choose a side. . This kind of "class contradiction" has been shown naked and excessively many times. Although it has also promoted the plot, it is still very thin. When Chris played the first mate like that, he might also be emphasizing civilian origin.

Before the hearing, the long-haired old man persuaded the captain and first mate to make a nasty smirk when they were lying. Doesn't he know it's easier to provoke resistance this way? In fact, he is already very annoying if he doesn't laugh. If he has to laugh and argue, the audience should not be so stupid. So I'll take a stab at it, suspecting that this is the director who spares no effort to portray the ugliness of the bourgeoisie.

How greedy and selfish the motives of human beings to grab whale oil are also expressed in a straightforward way, with a strong sense of preaching. The eulogy at the whaler's funeral is also weird. If it's not from the Bible, historical facts, or Moby Dick, it must be another writer trying to scare the audience "Look at how big my whale is." There also seems to be a hint of tension between humans and whales here, I'm not sure. If it is true, it is unnecessary. Everyone knows that whaling is not playing hide-and-seek with whales.

[The special effects are also very fake]
Every time the sea, the sun, and the water splash on the face at the same time, the picture has a strong sense of special effects, just like the city vision in the film.

I often suspect that many Hollywood films deliberately curry favor with mainstream ideology in exchange for a little bit of box office. Otherwise, it is impossible to understand why they preach so rudely. Commercial movies are of course for the masses, but have the writers and directors underestimated the richness of audience tastes (and sometimes overestimated the breadth of American popular culture)? In "The Martian", ABBA's songs echo back and forth, and it is very suitable to use well-known songs from well-known bands, but in fact, audiences in some countries may not buy it; NASA employees must listen to the songs. There are no other genres, and there are many scenes and a good figure. Clothing is street style, and it is suspected of being deliberately flattering.

The monster beluga can symbolize many things, but under the issue of environmental protection and the plot of this film, I am afraid that it can only lead people to view the earth with mysticism and the tendency of the environment to maintain its own balance, which should be the field of science.

The plot where the protagonist and Moby Dick looked at each other for a long time and finally gave up the killing lacked foreshadowing and seemed abrupt. In this kind of place, literature is still more suitable than movies, at least there are more options, and you can only describe the picture, or you can write a large section of psychological activities. Yingda said in a TV show back then that there is no need to read novels when there are TV dramas.

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