deep ocean

Bertha 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I feel that the director wants to talk about a lot of things, such as sailing, disasters, people and people, people and nature, people and gods, and even the moral forbidden area of ​​cannibalism, but all of them have been tasted, and the overall feeling is average. In fact, when I saw this film, I was reminded of "The Adventures of Harry Roger" I watched when I was a child. One of the books was about whaling. Maybe in the whole novel, this is the only book about killing animals. I think, if this film can't cover everything, then if people can clearly feel the great harm that humans have caused to whales and animals after watching it, it can be considered a success in a certain sense. There may be a limited length of time, the film only has a small whale next to the injured whale, and a few shots of the spear gun on the big white whale want the audience to resonate with this, but the effect is really limited. When I was watching a movie, I had an idea. If a game of whaling is made, the player can be a whaler to hunt whales, or he can choose to be a whale, to avoid killing and to overturn a whaler or even swallow a sailor, then, Do most people choose to be whales?

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  • Tania 2022-04-22 07:01:18

    Saw it at the cinema. The story of catching whales is said to be based on real people. Ignore this, the movie is not bad. The most shocking scene is that the eyes of the beluga swept past Thor, Thor held a long pole in his hand, and his hands were sympathetic, without a stick.

  • Percival 2021-11-28 08:01:20

    Quite stable, the more cumbersome you go to the back

In the Heart of the Sea quotes

  • Matthew Joy: Gone fishin', aren't we?

  • Herman Melville: Something else you've given me tonight.

    Old Thomas Nickerson: And what's that?

    Herman Melville: The courage to go where one does not want to go.