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"Sometimes you don't realize that the best thing you've ever had is right in front of your eyes. No matter where you are or who you're with, I will always love you sincerely and completely."

As an old-fashioned single dog, the first feeling when looking at the relationship between the hero and heroine is awkwardness. Can't you tell if you have love? You clearly love the person in front of you, so why go to someone you don't love so much?

Young and frivolous, childhood sweethearts Rosie and Alex sat on the beach chatting and inviting each other as their prom partners, but with Bethany coming over to tease Alex, the boys and girls finally decided to choose someone else as their prom partner. The interaction between boys and girls since childhood makes the audience's interaction make the audience believe that the two are in love with each other, but they have to pretend that they don't care and push the person in front of them to another boy/girl. Years later, at Alex's wedding, when Rosie's daughter Kathy was kissed by her playmate Tobe and ran away, Alex gave his answer. When you clearly love a person, but duplicity, it is definitely a mistake. If you reject him, he'll redefine his purpose in life, find the most perfect, beautiful girl in the world, then forget about you, then he'll marry another woman, spend the rest of his days, and then He will tell himself that he is the best, but he must pretend to be happy because she is not you. Teenagers are like this. They have strong self-esteem and are sensitive. They are afraid of being rejected (or maybe they are afraid of destroying this friendship), so they pretend to be indifferent and look for "true love" until they grow up and pretend to regret it. And because of the precariousness of life now. It is not easy to meet someone you love. When you meet someone who can accompany you all your life, please speak out your love bravely.

Career and family, both Alex and Rosie have dreams of their own. Alex has long said that the town is a dead end, and Rosie also has her own dreams. She wants a hotel of her own. In comparison, Alex's dream made him even more dissatisfied with the status quo and made him eager to go out. When Rosie found out she was pregnant, Alex was the first thing she thought of, but telling him the truth meant keeping him in the town and delaying his dream (career) indefinitely. This is also the predicament of our young people, the choice of love and dreams, career and family. In the middle, Rosie once wanted to give the child away after giving birth, and pursue her career and love again. In the end, her mother's sense of responsibility made her stay. From then on Rosie sticks to her small family and Alex pursues his own expansive career

The film focuses on the love between men and women, which actually ignores a lot of things, such as the reactions of Rosie's parents after she became pregnant, and Alex's professional life in the United States. But the advantage of this is that it makes the audience's entire attention focus on the love of the hero and heroine, and allows the audience to empathize with this love. But we must also realize that reality can be more magical and cruel than movies. The protagonists in the movie may have many opportunities to start over again, and the reality is that some people miss it for a lifetime.

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