We fell in love when we were young but we didn't know it

Cary 2022-09-18 00:51:05

Is there such a person that you can recognize TA at a glance in thousands of backs just by the curvature of TA's fingers, the gait when walking, and even the smell of a gust of wind when passing by you? Don't see that face?

Is there such a person, any thought can lead you to slide towards TA, even if TA is not always by your side, TA seems to be everywhere? You even talk to him about everything, as close as the shadow of the person and yourself, but you haven't talked about love - I mean, the love that you mistakenly thought was not, but actually happened between you?

Is there such a person, when you have seen the scene of the meeting, sucked the bright and clear luminous cup, and looked back in the lively hours of all kinds of beautiful scenery, you finally understand that the beautiful woman is the best in the dim light?

Love in youth is always a dilemma. The authority of fate is in the front, and the pride of self is behind. There is neither the capital to use love to fight fate, nor the willingness to use pride as a bargaining chip. So at that time, the only way to love someone is to let them go.

Love is the kindness of one thought, let go of you and let me go. But if, if you still miss me, please believe that loving you is the only clue that I can find you.

The ends of the earth, Better late than never.

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