More eager to witness growth than to achieve a perfect ending

Jermaine 2022-09-05 11:16:45

When I saw that Rosie's daughter also had her childhood sweetheart, I thought it was a story about growing up and making up for regrets. The result is not. I would rather that the ending of the story alex didn't get divorced and came to rosie's side, rather that there was no so-called fairy tale ending. My ideal qualifying ending is at least: Rosie met a down-to-earth but considerate man in the process of running her own hotel. He was not the most handsome in high school, nor the one who knew her best from childhood, but he was the most handsome man in high school. What suits her, they support each other, keep the hotel in good order, and live a plain and warm life. And Alex graduated from Harvard, became a doctor as he wished, and lived an elite life. The marriage is also on the right track. After getting up, he kisses his star wife in front of the window. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the modern apartment, you can see the huge sign of Hollywood in the distance. Time rolls on, ten years later, before boarding the plane, Alex and his wife told their son not to quarrel with his best girl friend again, reminding him that he would regret it if he didn't cherish it. The plane takes off and the camera cuts to the wedding scene of Rosie's daughter and her childhood sweetheart boy. Alex takes the stage as the godfather to speak, saying: "I remember at my wedding, you all panicked when you kissed for the first time, you were all terrified. It's..." The camera is interspersed with flashbacks of memories, the moment that only belonged to Alex and Rosie on Rosie's eighteenth birthday, that can't help but brief kiss. "...but fortunately... You didn't miss each other. "Through the crowd, Alex and Rosie looked at each other with tears in their eyes, and the camera zoomed out. Separating the two places for many years, their partners or families will inevitably bring about estrangement. What I want to see is the things that the characters want to say but can't say, but the two people in the movie seem not to be affected by any life, and they seem so dreamy and inconsistent. logic. Looking at it carefully, the plot seems to try to explain that the two people maintain a close relationship by keeping in touch with each other through letters or social software. This feeling is even more uncomfortable. There is an ambiguous relationship between the two, and they still talk about everything even when they have a partner. It sounds more like the protagonist's betrayal of each other's partner and life. No matter how many twists and turns and wrong people have failed to teach Alex and Rosie to be responsible for their own choices and life, I feel very disappointed. The more than ten years in the movie seemed like a flash of a finger, and the characters didn't seem to have any growth, so they looked shriveled. I have to say that the plot is really bloody, and basically I keep guessing in my heart, "She won't be pregnant; won't the child be his; her husband won't cheat; he won't divorce. .." spent. So obviously, this is not my ideal love story. Maybe when I was a child, I would be happy for the hero and heroine to finally come together, but after tasting the ups and downs of life for the first time, I realized that in addition to love, growth is the topic that people have to face in life. When I saw the ending, I never wanted a so-called bad ending or an open ending more than that moment, probably because of that.

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  • Daija 2022-05-22 19:59:35

    The heroine, the beautiful woman, and the true woman, are so beautiful! Bracket I am a girl, and I always think she is beautiful!

  • Tiara 2022-05-22 23:03:11

    The plain English style is small and fresh. A lot of laughter but also bitterness. Although stumbling along the way, the people who should be together will eventually be together. It is always difficult to keep the right person around. If you encounter a scumbag who is irresponsible after getting his stomach bigger, he should abandon it decisively to avoid endless troubles. Lily's thick eyebrows are too cute.

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  • Alex Stewart: Can I be godfather?

  • Sally: [screaming] Oh! Why can't you just say fudge?