Going around, I love you the most

Lorena 2022-09-12 08:49:40

This is the third time I've watched this romantic film. The male and female protagonists are childhood sweethearts, and there is no guessing between them. The male protagonist kissed the female protagonist on the female protagonist's 18th birthday, but the female protagonist forgot the kiss because she drank the clip. Then I woke up and said that I hated everything that night when I drank the movie, including the kiss of the male protagonist, so that the male protagonist began to misunderstand the mind of the female protagonist. After that, the two people misunderstood each other, dated each other, and got married until they found out that they loved each other.

In the 18 years they have missed, although the two have been getting along like friends, they are the people who understand, cherish and care about each other the most. This may be the expression of their true love. They are meant for each other.

Although the possibility of this missed and reunited romantic love story is almost zero in real life, it can still give us hope that true love may exist.

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  • Kelli 2022-05-22 22:11:37

    2014.11.15. Serangoon. I thought that Lily Collins's name was familiar to Mao. It turned out to be the daughter of Phil Collins. Then the male pig eyes looked familiar, and it turned out to be Sam from the Spring and Autumn Temple. The man who fell in love with Red-haired sister at first sight in the play is the role of Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter, right?

  • Daija 2022-05-22 19:59:35

    The heroine, the beautiful woman, and the true woman, are so beautiful! Bracket I am a girl, and I always think she is beautiful!

Love, Rosie quotes

  • Rosie Dunne: You're lucky she didn't trip over your tongue dragging half way across the ground.

  • Alex Stewart: How do I go about seducing a woman who is apparently out of my league?

    Rosie Dunne: Is that a serious question?

    Alex Stewart: Yeah, absolutely.

    Rosie Dunne: Mmm well, you're at a disadvantage being a, you know,


    Rosie Dunne: virgin.