regret and miss

Jeanne 2022-09-10 18:42:17

The story of this movie didn't impress me, so after watching it, I thought it looked pretty good. Handsome men and beautiful women.

The story is about a girl and a girl who kept missing each other and finally stayed together in middle age.

But in reality, it will probably become a miss and regret! Because it is actually very difficult for two people of different classes to stay and love each other again.

Of course, movies are romantic movies. But maybe as I get older, this kind of feeling has been difficult to impress me.

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Love, Rosie quotes

  • [at the airport]

    Ruby: [arrives and sees Katie and Toby are travelling too] What's this, a school outing?

    Rosie Dunne: I couldn't leave her behind and wherever Katie goes, Toby goes.

    Ruby: [to Katie and Toby] Oh, are you two an item now?

    Katie (12 yrs): [unisone with Toby] No way! We are friends,.

    Toby (12 yrs): [unisone with Katie] No way! We are friends.

    Ruby: [rolling her eyes] God give us strength.

  • [Alex is checking into the hotel]

    Rosie Dunne: Any baggage?

    Alex Stewart: No. I left it behind.