There is never a shortage of love in the world.

Haven 2022-09-11 06:00:23

I have paid attention to this film before, and I just finished it today. It is a good romance film. The film uses the different life experiences of the male and female protagonists to more vividly describe the mentality of each age group. The same goal is achieved by different paths, love is simple, and satisfying love is difficult. Cherish all the things you love. After watching the video, there are a few good designs. The beach conversation, the quarrel in the United States, the male protagonist's wedding terrace persuading the female protagonist's daughter to talk, it can be said that the director has worked hard in these plots, and these scenes are also the emotional changes of the male and female protagonists of the film. Personally, I feel a little regret (personally) that it would be better if two children came out of the villa in the aerial shot at the end of the film. Happy to see such a video.

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  • Stephania 2022-05-22 13:48:35

    One Day and two little guesses are the sense of sight. The heroine is too beautiful.

Love, Rosie quotes

  • Alex Stewart: Can I be godfather?

  • Sally: [screaming] Oh! Why can't you just say fudge?