It's a happy ending!

Elwyn 2022-09-21 08:28:47

Two people destined by God, but two dislocated lives; the rhythm is fast but clear, and it is very comfortable to watch; the male and female protagonists have good looks, good acting skills, and supporting roles are completely unnecessary; this year, as of One of my favorite romance movies so far! Although the ideal is very beautiful, when the ideal is brought into reality, it is indeed like what everyone said "can't stand the toss", and it can end with a bad ending. I also once thought that the film would end after hugging and parting...

---"Choosing someone you can spend your life with is the most important decision for us. Because when you decide wrong, your life turns from color to black. And sometimes, you don't have any at all. Noticing it. Until you wake up one morning and find that many years have passed." ---


I hope I will be braver in the future.

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Love, Rosie quotes

  • Rosie Dunne: You're lucky she didn't trip over your tongue dragging half way across the ground.

  • Alex Stewart: How do I go about seducing a woman who is apparently out of my league?

    Rosie Dunne: Is that a serious question?

    Alex Stewart: Yeah, absolutely.

    Rosie Dunne: Mmm well, you're at a disadvantage being a, you know,


    Rosie Dunne: virgin.